Having bad day...Need new bag...

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  1. :cry: :evil:

    I just know that a new bag would make me feel so much better.:shame::biggrin:

    Ever have one of those day when you need "bag therapy"?:lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. uh-huh! :nodding head emphatically:
  3. yeap actually my bills of the bags should go to my boss for making my life miserable:biggrin: . My paddy just arrived today...
  4. So with ya Buttery!!! Get that AC drawstring bag!!!
  5. Sorry for ya, Buttery. Cheer up!
  6. Part of the reason why I am dead set on a Wapity right now!!!

    Hope your day starts getting better soon!!! :love:
  7. I feel the same way, except sometimes I feel like I need to just buy something, anything (which is kind of bad).

    To all who are feeling bad today, feel better!
  8. i totally know what you mean... a new bag just always makes me happier too....

    ***HUGS*** i hope your day gets better!
  9. ALL THE DAMN TIME :lol:
  10. My mom's b-day is soon and I bought her gift online. I can't wait for it to come. Even though it's not mine, I love when packages come. hehe
  11. Megs - get the Wapity. You seem so in love! :lol:

    I seem to have a bad day every day.;)

  12. haha yeah that's why i bought the mc wapity today. what a waste of money...but i love it!!
  13. Oh well for sure!! I feel for you!! But the last time I had that feeling and acted on it I bought my Chloe Paddy which I kind of don't love anymore. But that's just me:blink:
  14. Oh Megs I feel you on the Wapity..I LOVE it and it really isn't that pricey. It looks like THE perfect "going out on the town" accessory!!!
  15. :sad2: Oh....sorry you're feeling poopy....get some lovin' from a bag and give it lots of hugs! LOL! :P
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