Having a Hard Time w/ Ramona

  1. I purchased a khaki Ramona several months ago but having a hard time using it because of its size. Seems like it takes forever to find anything because it's so large and everything sinks to the bottom.

    Does anyone else have this problem?
  2. Can you try to make use of the pockets more for the smaller items? I always put my cell phone in one of those side pockets, my keys in the other one, and then all my other small stuff in the front and back pockets so only big, easier to find items are floating around in the middle.
  3. Ever thought about the Riki instead?
  4. Probably should have purchased a smaller bag but now that I've spent all that money on the Ramona, I figured I better make good use of it.

    I do use the smaller pockets but somehow find myself squirreling around to find things. Maybe I'll try using a Purseket to stay organized.
  5. I love the purseket in my Ramona.I hate looking for stuff at the bottom so it really helps.
    Let us know how it works out for you :smile:
  6. Hi.
    I also have a hard time with everything falling to the bottom of my bag. What is a purseket and where can I get one?? Thanks and Happy Holidays everyone!!!!!:rolleyes:
  7. http://www.purseket.com/