Have You Tried the Junk Genie? Crazy!

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  1. the answer is always the same number ;)
  2. Huh? No, if you follow the "directions" you can have any number of answers.
  3. Pay attention to the grid, it changes every time you use it. ;)

  4. hehehe you smart woman you...:tup:
  5. Weird...I don't get it :P
  6. I dont get it........someone explain to me in detail because im slooooow...
  7. Ever notice that when you subtract both digits individually from the whole number that it's always a multiple of "9"? go back and look at the grid 9 18 27 36 45 and so on all have the same "junk".

    Sorry to put such a short end to your thread....

    Not really