Have you seen the new 'natural' spy?

  1. It's ga-ga-gorgeous!
  2. Wow I may have just died and gone to heaven.
    I wonder what this looks IRL.
    How much is it?
  3. it's on the Barney's website for $2100. the price is reasonable too!
  4. WoW!!!! This is divine !! where did u see this one?
  5. just answered my question ! thanks
  6. :nuts: :love: LOVE IT!!!
  7. :nuts::nuts::nuts:

    I WANT IT!!!
  8. OMG you're killing me with pics of new spy bags.

    They are all so beautiful. The spy has got to be my favourite bag right now.
  9. hmmm looks too much like skin to me. kinda creepy.
  10. Fayden, you crack me up :*)
  11. YUMMY! Very refreshing.
  12. Loves It!
  13. That skin comment creeps me out. lol. I think I'll pass for another.
  14. I like it but think there are colours out there I prefer to be honest :smile:
  15. I think it looks creepy too. Looks like an alien is about to burst from it. I'm also a bit pragmatic about big expensive bags; I prefer them to be in a darker shade so that stains are not so visible and I will not freak out so easily.