Have you see this IRL?! Paddington Tall Satchel

  1. Chloe -  Paddington Tall Satchel -  Neiman Marcus

    hi ladies...

    i am think about getting this bag...since i am only 5"5
    will that be overwheling on me?! its 13" X 14"

    have anyone see this bag IRL? is it really huge?!

    i am looking for a sister for my blanc med paddy...

    any suggestion on this would be appreciate...thanks :yes:
    also, if anyone have the pic that you carried your shopper tote, please please post it...they are about the same size...i really need that for a ref.
    thanks a lot!!!!:lol:
  2. They have it at my Neiman Marcus. It's not as big as the shopper tote.
  3. since i am not tall....do you think that would fit me properly?

    what do you think it looks? cute?

    thanks a lot:yes:
  4. It is pretty large. I saw it an NMs.

    I am 5'5" and have the shopper tote (sorry, no pics as DH is sooo tired of me ask!! LOL). It's HEAVY. I love it though.

    The size isn't tooo prohibitive in terms of looks, IMHO.

    I had a ghurka tote that DH said I could use as a fallout shelter in case of emergency!! :roflmfao:

    But these two styles arent that overwhelming.
  5. Hi! I just saw it @ Nordies yesterday and ITA with hmwe46, it's large. Not HUGE where it would look like a luggage bag like the large Edith does IMHO. Maggiie just posted on her new one here:


    Maybe you can ask her to send you a pic of her wearing it!? :yes: It's nice, but maybe not an everyday bag as it's pretty large. But if you're in need a large bag, it would fit the bill. The one I saw was muscade and beautiful in that color!
  6. thanks a lot ladies....

    i just saw the picture that Maggie took....its gorgeous:yes:
  7. I saw one like this here in store but I think it was a bit smaller sized...? I might be wrong but I really have a feeling it was smaller, I can check it next time I go there. It had some extra shoulder strap on it which was removable - I really liked the style but thought it would have looked so much cuter without that extra strap, I was really tempted to remove it in store :biggrin:
  8. phoebe_0526 did you ever get around to getting the Paddington Tall Satchel or did you pass?

    I've been eyeing this bag for about 6 months now after I held it in the Ron Herman store. It's BEAUTIFUL in person but I ended up buying a JC Ramona instead.

    Now that the newness of the Ramona has worn off... I've started thinking aobut the Tall Satchel again :shame:

    Any other buyers about there?
  9. A friend of mine who is about 5'3" tried this on and it was perfect on her. Great bag!
  10. kssthis, I really love this bag, infact I bought when I was at Neimans' the other day. Unfortunatly, they will not mark it down for me. 1800! No way, for me. So, I am taking it back. :crybaby: I was so sad, because the bag is wonderful. I am all about versatility and I need a bag to go from satchel on my wrist to shoulder with comfort. This bag does that perfectly! For me, it is even more comfy than the classic Paddy. The dk brown/brun color is yummy! Neimans calls it the the Tall Satchel.

    Well, Good News! I found it on sale at LVR!!! So I grabbed it and am returning the full price one to NM. LVR calls it the side pocket and they have it in Black or Brown.

    I am about 5'5" and I think the size looks great. When it is on my shoulder I can even rest my arm on the top of the bag like a lil armrest!!:nuts:
  11. What does € 907.00 equal in US dollars?

    How much is the S&H for LVR?

    Thanks in advance.
  12. You won't have the VAT tax but you will have the 50 euros shipping fee. I think it came to 805 euros total. That is $1042.00. Looks like sales are final also.
    I haven't had any experience with customs for mail purchases.
    Such a better deal than NM!
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  13. ^^You Rock mlredo!! Thanks a bunch!

    **off to do some shopping, converting and purchasing (heehee)**
  14. i think it's also on sale in ecru at intermix

  15. I saw this design at my local department store. It is a fair size and very heavy. I prefer the Classic.