Have you noticed??

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  1. LV Bags that look like MJ bags?? Check out the Manhattan GM & PM styles as well as the Hudson. Maybe the similarities are there b/c MJ was designing for LV, (so I heard somewhere).
  2. I could be mistaken, but I believe he is still designing for LV.
  3. MJ still designs for LV.
  4. I'd still rather have an MJ than an LV!
  5. ITA!!! :yes:
  6. ^ i agree too. how many bags can you have of the same print/material. and there are too many fakes out there to feel special carrying one IMO.
  7. Me too thithi!!! :yes:
  8. I think perhaps the fact that MJ bags are made of totally awesome leather bags and the love I have for the suede lining in the older MJ designs keeps me wanting more. I must confess that I am now attracted to some of the LV designs too. Weird...b/c I was so not into them a few months ago..:s .
  9. ITA!! im not into the logo stuff...and every time i see a LV bag i automatically think is that one real...

  10. Actually I am into BOTH MJ and LV!

    But in LV, I adore the epi and vernis line. There is WAY more to LV than the monogram.

    The MJ soft calf styles with suede lining have some incredible colors. Loooooooove!
  11. I realized that there was more to LV when I started browsing the LV forum and eluxury.
    I have been lusting after some Epi and Vernis line too. I am also digging the perfo line just as much. I love leather and felt that for that amount of cash, LV should be suede lined at least, but I dunno..I've seen LV bags that last 10 plus years with little sign of usage recently, and that makes me feel that the canvas is certainly of great quality. Still love MJ colors though.
  12. Yeah! There are a few LV pieces similar or exact mirror image to MJ bags. Those are the new pieces (late 90's till recent), new era after Marc Jacobs join the design team. It is not a matter of which brand is copying one another. I think it is due to the fact that the designer is the same person, Marc Jacobs.:heart:

    IMO, there are certain styles that looks better in MJ own brand and some looks better with the LV canvas. I loves both LV and MJ too! If you are browsing through all the purses in a department stores, you will notice that there are lots of brands out there came out with purses/bags which inspired by Marc Jacobs's design, eg. the pushlocks, zippers, chains...

    He is great! Love his design!:heart:
  13. I never have paid attention to LV bags. But doing a look around online - I get what you mean.
  14. I have noticed that a lot of the bags especially the special edition bags like the current patchwork are very similar since MJ designs for both his own line and LV.

    Lately I'm really into the EPI line and I want a speedy in red!
  15. I have a classic LV bag...and I love it! I have the monogram Speedy 25. But it's so different from my MJ bag...completely different. Night and day.