Have you found certain ads on TC disgusting

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  1. I know that market competition for a product to be fierce
    but there really is a point where the way they are trying to seek you on a product has gone too far.
    I am talking about a certain toilet paper brand who in their attempt to get you to buy their product has gotten more graphic than is necessary. Certain bodily functions are just not talked about much less detailed the way this particular commercial is doing?
    Anyone agree?
  2. Not particularly, but there is one diaper commercial that grosses me out. It's these animated babies having a competition about who make produce the biggest dirty diaper. It freaks me out on many levels.
  3. Ew, that sounds so gross. Can I ask what is the commercial and brand?
  4. TC? Typo for TV I guess.

    To be honest, I almost never watch TV ads. I change channels or hit mute or go to an on-screen guide. I know there are ads for insurance, lawyers, cars, some tech items, personal items, foods and other things, but I really don't know which is which.
  5. I just saw that commercial tonight. I think it was for Luvs. And I was completely grossed out.
  6. I HATE the Charmin Toliet paper Commercials with those animated bears on them. They try to make it so cute with the cartoony look to them. Ugh. And I also dont like those diaper commercials (pull-ups) with the babies already on the toliet and then pulling their diapers up.

    I also hate commercials in general, many of them are so irritating and annoying. I only pay attention to the ones previewing TV shows that I love. Rest are either muted or I just don't pay attention to them.

    And when I read TC, I thought the OP meant "Top Chef." But then I remembered I was in General discussion... nevermind. *is bored to death*
  7. There are just too many commercials that are inappropraite and offensive. I am sick to death of seeing the cialis commercials and "if your erection lasts longer than four housrs-see a doctor". Take the dam* thing off the air!
  8. I dont have a TV so I can only imagine (or rather not) what those are about, but I can no longer have the radio on for news in the car when the kids are in the car for that reason. There will be time to explain that, I dont have to now explain that to my single digit children.
  9. I hate the toilet paper commercial with the bears and they talk about "leaving pieces behind" blech.
  10. ITA...:yucky: and :throwup:.

  11. Yes, this one is inappropriate to me also. The mucus commercials are the worst ones for me. :sick:
  12. I hardly ever watch TV, but, yes, there are ads that annoy or anger me.

    I've been meaning to start a list of companies to boycott based on their ads. I think it's only fair - if they bring me displeasure I shouldn't buy their goods.
  13. I find basically all TP, tampon, birth control, erectile dysfunction, etc commercials to be vile. Hush up that "Mother Nature brought your monthly gift" nonsense!

    On a side note, I can't stand the ones for the class-action drug settlement ones either. If you suffered death or a stroke from using Avandia, call this #. Yeah I'll just set a reminder on my calendar for post-mortem phone calls.
  14. Ugh! If I have to see and hear that cartoon mucus man say 12 HOURS! one more time...

  15. The toenail fungus ones make me grossed out.
    Also those low budget 'I've fallen and I can't get up' life alert ones are ridiculous.