Have You Ever Seen a FAKE Bag Revealed In the Forum?

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  1. Hi guys!
    Long time no see! I hope everyone's doing well. Every time I see a bag reveal, I wonder the same thing. Has anyone ever posted a fake bag reveal on the Forum? If it has happened, or if it does happen, what would you do? Would you tell them that it was counterfeit, or just say "congrats"? Or just leave the thread? Thanks for responding!
    P.S. If you bake, please look at my last question in the Kitchen forum. I haven't had any responses! :crybaby::pout:
  2. If they bought it preloved, I'd hope they had it authenticated here. I have ran across reveals/posts where members have thought something looked off and they let the person know that they should have it looked at. I don't have enough experience to say whether something is counterfeit but if someone thought mine was, I'd hope they'd tell me.
  3. Yeah, I agree. I am actually more asking if you have ever came across an obviously fake item that someone is trying to pass off as real on the forum, although I too have gone to Lee and Addy for help with authentication! :biggrin:
  4. Just wondering… Why was this moved?
  5. Hi, I think it was because it's a general topic and not specific for just LV.. :wondering
  6. I remember once on the Chanel forum a member did a reveal not knowing her bags were a fake. Members tried to break it to her gently but truly sometimes there is no nice way to let someone know the bad news... but people deserve to know the truth so they can get a refund. Once she was notified her posts were removed which was a very kind thing that the moderators do.
  7. If someone knew, it would be kind of silly, coz there are people who can tell (from whichever forum) even from a foggy thumbprint photo. If people don't know, it must be absolutely heartbreaking. I saw a reveal that begged the question of how someone bought that colour when it wasn't in the stores yet, then the thread disappeared :police:

    I've seen some dodgy things in reference threads, that's where people are more likely to put them 'my collection' or 'evening bags' etc. Some people try to get a quick authentification by posting their bag in a 'name that...' or other threads thinking someone will say either way. I used to say something like "it's trying to be a ..." but now I'd just ignore. It's infuriating, because these fakes just hang around misinforming newcomers, it's worse than people who remove their pics of real examples, which were used for reference.
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    Although we've been "advised" - directly and indirectly, throughout tpf - to report fakes... I'm of a mindset similar to papertiger: I ignore it. I'm not an authenticator - here, there, or anywhere - hence, I prefer to keep my opinions to myself.

    But... I've certainly seen bags to which I've entertained suspicions. Sometimes they're easy to track, b/c they're ignored authentication requests, showing up as threads that both reveal and request "more info about my bag". Or they're ignored authentication requests, that are subsequently "revealed" in fan club/clubhouse sorts of thread.

    Sometimes I wonder if those who post "questionable" bags, do so to see if tpfers can be fooled. Because, if we can be fooled, then it gives "legitimacy" to people who buy fakes because they're "just as good as the real thing". But... like real life... whether or not one congratulations, ignores, or exposes a fake... depends on the context.

    On the other hand... there are some tpfers who are convinced that some bags posted on tpf are suspicious or fake... that are authentic. In the end, our opinions are our opinions.
  9. I've seen a few that made me wonder, but I've never said anything because I'm not an authenticator. I figure that the moderators will take care of it. It's not my business to monitor other people's bags.
  10. I wouldn't dare call out someone's bag. I'm not a professional authenticator, therefore I'd feel really bad/silly if I was wrong.
  11. Never yet... If I saw it I would send member a private message suggesting to have it authenticated, but wouldn't dare do it publicly because I wouldn't want to hurt their feelings or embarrass them as that would make me feel horrible :sad:
  12. I'm not an authenticator so I can't immediately say if something is fake or not - except LV which I have done some research on so I know the most obvious and common signs of a counterfeit.
    I've seen a few fake LV bags on YouTube's "What's in my bag" tag videos. Always puts me off a youtuber, I unsubscribe immediately if someone says they've bougt a brand new bag and then drag out an obvious fake...
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  14. Great question, OP. I have indeed wondered about this myself.

    We had a fake pop up in Celine some time ago. The owner was devastated when members gently informed her that her bag was fake. The poor thing had a friend buy one for her while traveling or something like that.

    Anyway, the picture was removed, the tPFer ultimately got the real version of the bag and we were all the wiser for it.
  15. I once saw a "strange looking" Chanel Classic flap reveal. I think it's fake, but since the owner explicitly said she got it from the mall herself, I just let it sit. But it still stick to my mind that the bag somehow look off to me.