Have You Ever Ruined your H!

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  1. While cleaning out my closet last night, I saw a damp patch....on an Orange box! And the horror of it hit me in the face. I could tell that with no signs of leakage anywhere in the room, the only place the look could have come from is .....inside.

    My Herbag was soaked - with liquid from my dehumidifier. Someone must have moved the box, and caused the container to sit on its side thereby allowing the liquid to eventually leak out. The black canvas is stained. Used a special cleaner and while it is less obvious, a shadow of the stain remains.
    While it is not THAT terrible a loss, the bag had sentimental value. It was my first H bag that I saved up for over three months during my years living and working in Paris. Sigh....
  2. ^^Sorry EF!! Glad you found out about it SOONER than LATER. Your HERMES antennaes were ON!;)

    I don't have this bag, I hope maybe with a little drying and maybe H-SPA...it can be looking like NEW.

    The thing I did with a Box Kelly I have was to put a big scratch on the front of my bag with my solataire ring. DH almost had a cow, and fainted....he didn't hold my hand the entire night for fear that he or I would put another ding in it:p
  3. oh no! maybe you can order another canvas for your herbag while they might still be available? good warning to us all to be sure our storage is safe.
  4. What a nightmare! I am so extra careful with my Hermes things, moreso than with anything else. I would be very upset.

    I suppose we should be glad that Hermes has such good services like the Spa. I hope your canvas can be repaired!
  5. Oh no! Sorry to hear about that.

    When things that have sentimental value are ruined, it's absolutely the worst.

    Have you consulted with your nearest H store? I hope that they can come up with something that will minimise the stain further.
  6. Take that bag to the spa immediately! Who knows, they are famous for miracles ya know...:yes:

    As for myself, yes, I'm ashamed to say that I've had some near disasters but it's due to sheer stupidity on my part (translation: home repairs.) Fortunately, I'm blessed with a patient local H specialist so my botched jobs were reversed.
  7. Eric, do you want to send it over to SG and let me help you take it to the craftsman here? You could also catch a flight here perhaps? So sorry that this has happened.
  8. Oh no! So sorry Eric, hope the bag looks better with time.
  9. oh my!! Eric -- sending big hugs!! Yeah, send it here immediately!!
  10. Will be down only in August....to celebrate Independence Day with friends and family there.

    The KL store, I m afraid is not much help with these things.

    Thanks so much for offering to help. Will have the bag dry cleaned here in Penang.
  11. I am so sorry to hear that. I would be it to the H store for a spa treatment.
  12. I am so sorry to hear about this Eric! You might consider taking MrsS up on her kind offer! What if the dry cleaner makes the stain worse??
  13. Eric, this is disappointing. Sentiment is so important....I keep telling my DH this.... I hope your HerBag can be returned to great condition.
  14. :wtf:Eric, your canvas is black. It is NOT colour proof. I don't suggest you do it, because dry cleaners will ruin it. Dry clean is not exactly dry.

    Do you want to take a picture of it and send it to me? And I pop into my store to ask my craftsman for you?
  15. AAAW, Eric..! So sorry to hear this! When I saw this thread, and who started it, I was afraid to look!! I hope you can get it back into shape.

    MrsS, so sweet to spring into action for Eric!!! MrsS, to the rescue!!!