Have you ever kept a diary?

  1. I write every day:p
  2. I used to keep one religiously between the ages of 14-29, and now I have a journal that i write in everynow and again.

    I found them all a while back and got rid of them, I was with a guy for 12 years from 16-29 and re reading them i wondered why I had not left him sooner!
    I kept some, where me and my mum had done lots of things together at the time and she died a few years ago, so this is something really nice to look back on and remember specific times and everyday stuff you do with someone but dont always remember, if you can understand what i mean by this
  3. I did when I was younger, but not anymore. I have a livejournal that I update occasionally, but not that often either :smile:

    I like to read through my old diaries to see how cheesy I was/am! haha ;) I once wrote this big long entry about the online-love triangle I was in (I was about 12/13/14 then!). My boyfriend was this one guy named Dave, and then I met this one guy named SD34839470 (IDK, a whole bunch of numbers), and I started to go out with him and Dave found out and told me he hated me, and then I found him in another chat and told him I loved him and to take me back. haha!!! :smile: :roflmfao:
  4. Great topic! Nope I don't anymore. I remember I did as a kid and my little brother found it and told everyone who I fancied! I was so embarrassed :blush:, then years later I found out that the guy in question was now into me, so then it wasn't so bad afterall. I turned him down too haha.

    I kept a Livejournal last year which was pretty fun, but I write such long posts that it became a chore, and I thought will I really ever bother to read all this back to myself one day?
  5. i do have a diary/journal .. i will write in every so often! i'll get in moods where i'll write in it quite a bit .. and other times i won't look at it for 6 months.

    i started my first diary when i was 13 .. and i was good about writing in them all through my teens, pretty much .. so i LOVE looking back at those and seeing all the "drama" i had in my life back then .. lol! ( ya know .. having my best friend buy the same shirt as me .. and thinking she was just so horrible! ) haha .. it's all soo funny .. so i'm really glad i have all that to look back on.

    there's just something therapuetic about writing and getting that out - ya know!? i need to write more :smile:
  6. I used to for a while, during my early teens. But I've always been too sceptic about putting down certain things in case someone found it and read it. But I do have my diaries from back then, some of the stuff that was oh so important seems so silly now.
  7. I used to keep a diary in jr. high and early part of H.S. I've thought of starting up again, it is such a great release.
  8. I did all the way through junior high and high school. I still have them in one of my closets! I was obsessesed...I hardly ever missed a day all those years!

    I stopped when I went to college and started working. then later in my early 30s I went through some depression and one day I opened a Word document on my computer and just started typing. And typing. That plus seeing a therapist was my life saver.
  9. I never have...I'm too lazy! :p
  10. I am horrible with journals but my therapist said i should get one to release all my tension and thoughts about my ex and stuff like that...so i am going to be starting again.
  11. when I was younger, I think 12-16 I kept one. I still have them stored in my garage.
  12. They never work for me no matter how much I try.

    I'd end up writting "peachy" fake things and it would turn into a chore. The closest I could get to an actual diary/journal is just writitng on blank note pads then saving them on my laptop to recover from tension and that was advised in therapy.

    I remember being super paranoid about anything I wrote in my diaries, so hiding the actual book or moving it around from place to place became too stressful in itself that it defeated a lot of the purpose.

    I've always said that there is only one place everything will stick and that's in my head. :sweatdrop: Anything else makes me shudder. :wtf:
  13. I kept one faithfully when I was younger until one day I found a reply from my MOM in there. Needless to say I ripped every page and shredded it. Now if I need to realease I type it on my laptop and delete it either immeadiately after i'm done or within a few days.
  14. Ugghhh I've always wanted to keep a diary/journal so when I got older I could look at it and remember every little detail but the few times that I have "attempted" to start one, I usually end up forgetting about it in less then a week lol! I get fed up and then wait a few years before I try to start another diary. And then the cycle begins again. I've given up lmao.
  15. I've never kept a diary/journal before. I don't really have anything to write, so writing in one would feel like an obligation to me.