Have you ever felt that way...?

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  1. I put a particular bag on ebay but the more I think about it the more I want to keep it. I pull it out from time to time to look at it and almost, (in fact more than almost:shame: ) hope tht it doesn't sell. Even if it's finacially not very wise and I really don't know if I would actually end up wearing it.
    I just don't want to let it go.

    Have you ever felt that way...?
  2. i hear you.. sometimes i feel that a particular bag in my collection is not being used at all.. i think of selling it...... BUT then thinking of the actual price i paid for it.. suddenly make me change my mind and decide to keep it and enjoy it!!! let me put it this way.. if i bought the bag then at some point i fell in love with it.
  3. oh yeah, definetly...
    but sometimes, i brave my self to still sell it... and most of the times, i don't regret my decision, because i used the fund to buy another b bags :P
  4. Yes, When I sold my ink city I almost wanted the deal to fall though so I could keep it. But I knew I did not like the color enough to keep it. I am still missing it a bit but I am loving my bubblegum so I am not thinking about it as much!!
  5. Yes~ I have regrets when I list a Bbag on ebay but when I think about it long enough I just let it go and don't look back!
  6. Yes, I'm going thru that with my Magenta Purse I have on ebay now. Its the 2nd time listing it and deep down I'm hoping it doesnt sell. BUT I really think its just gonna sit in my closet with no use. I dont want to be a bag collector and take them out to ooh and aah over and never carry them. I want to own a few bags that I will use. so here's hoping it sells and goes to a good home.

  7. Well~ I sold my rouge vif bowling bag but I don't feel as bad b/c I still have this color in the make-up clutch and that's why I can deal!
  8. Oh yes, my first ebay auction was for LV bag (to fund a Balenciaga),
    and even if I didn't use this bag for 2 years...it was very hard for me to sell it!!!
  9. most of you guys are a lot more reasonnable than me. But I'm pretty new to all this so ...I have an excuse;) or not...:angel:
  10. i have a hard time selling a beautiful bag (even if i never use it!). but once it's gone, i usually don't mourn or miss it very much. there is always something new to look forward to!
  11. I've felt ambivalent with every one I've put up for sale, but afterwards, it's always been okay. I'm going thru the same thing as Oh Donna right now with an evergreen b'bag. It doesn't go with my outfits; on the other hand, it's a beautiful color. I'm sure I'll feel okay whether it sells or doesn't.