Have you ever faced the inquisition??

  1. This past Sunday I ran out to do some quick shopping with my new friend chocolate spy. I was paying for a tank top at an Express, when the sales girl noticed my bag. She commented that it looked like an expensive bag and proceeded to tell me about how she's seen knock-offs being sold around NYC, but mine must be the real version of the handbag. As I thanked her, she started trying to interrogate me about how much it cost (as she held my receipt hostage). To put the situation in context, the sense I got from her was more of a "tell me what ridiculous amount of money you paid for that when I can run across the street and get a knock off." Long story short, she picked the wrong person to interrogate. No details out of me except that it didn't matter how much it cost because the quality is well worth it.

    Just wondering whether anyone here has faced anything similar, and would you tell?

    For me, I have no problem telling my shopaholic friends or co-workers, all of whom appreciate the quality of high end items, about how much my handbags cost. However, it's a different story altogether when it's someone (stranger or not) who would obviously not understand why I spend what I do.
  2. Wow, that was totally out of line!! Especially since she could tell that yours was the real thing by its quality! It sounds to me like you had exactly the correct response.

    I had a different experience in the PO, I was shipping a bag and insured it for $800, and the PO guy asked what it was - my husband was with me, and told him it was a designer bag. They got into a guy-to-guy conversation about expensive bags vs. mortage payments, etc. - in the context it was actually extremely funny, and we were all giggling. I didn't mind it at all, but in your situation... I would never have told, and she probably would have received my patented frozen death glare.
  3. Yes... My friend's gf asked me about my bag, and I just smiled. She gives me dirty looks all the time now. They act like paying less for a bag is the way to go. Yea, you can keep on spending money worthlessly on something that will fall apart because it's fake. But I'd rather spend my money on quality on something that'll last me years. That's why I smile.
  4. hmm, when my friends ask me how much the bag cost, I have no problem telling them how much it is.. and not that I care, but it's my money.. I am glad though they do not give me a hard time about it.. my bf is a diff story, coz in his mind, he still calls my designer bags the so-called "k-mart special" maybe it is his way of denying the fact that my bags r pretty pricey for him.. lol lol so i guess thinking of it as being cheap lessens the impact of my spending.. hahaha
  5. My friends aren't into designer handbags at all, so when we go to dinner, they do comment on how I'm always carrying a new bag. I'm cool with it though, as they're not commenting in a hurtful way. I think they've just accepted that it's more or less a hobby of mine. LoL.

    I've never had anyone (besides family and friends) ask about the price of my bags, though! I'd consider that pretty rude from a stranger. :oh:
  6. That's pretty nervy of that cashier.
  7. Everyone makes fun of my bag purchases. I used to be embarrased, but now I just laugh and say I'm just crazy and into handbags for some unknown reason. Now they accept it, and leave me alone.
  8. My husband doens't get my obsession, however the Coach end of things he can now justify but when i started talking about an LV i think he started having heart palpitatitions
  9. the girls at work are the worst, but they don't mean it in an attacking way, they just think the bags are cool, so it's not too bad. lol and there's the girl at the UPS store i always go to that calls me the handbag lady and gets excited to see whatever i'm mailing, but she's always quite complimentary and very sweet.
  10. I tell my friends when they ask. They balk but know that I don't have mortgage payments or car payments to make and I don't go out really so my $ goes there. They wouldn't spend that kind of $ but on it but I'm not them.

    With a complete stranger, I'm hesitant to tell them the price. I always tell them the price is online or I got it as a gift. When SAs of handbags ask, I do tell them and I also tell them the price is available online for those that are available online. They have never said anything though about there are fakes or they never gave me a tone that they'd rather buy fakes.
  11. How incredibly rude and out of line for a cashier to press you like that! That should be grounds for immediate dismissal:Push: She's there to ASSIST you, not pester. As for anserwing the "how much did THAT cost?" question, I just say "enough"...if anybody REALLY wants to know, they can go find out for themselves.