Have you ever asked to see more than one bag from the back.....?

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  1. Hi, I just bought a new Bleecker Tote in Patent Mahoghany. The store only had 3 in stock and I had them bring all of them out because the first one they were going to sell me the handled had been "squished" and were all scratched up. The person that brought the bags from the back was really nice but the SA that actually rang up the purchase gave me the "evil" eye. So I looked at all of them very careful and picked the best one out of the bunch because I really wanted to come home and use my new bag. And now I am sitting at home admiring my bag when my hubby comes over and was like, "Why would you get a bag with so many smudges and scratches?". I was horrified. I guess the lights at the store kinda hid the flaws but at home in natural light it seemed to full of smudges/scratches. I couldn't wipe them off as it seems like it is the actual coating of the bag that is smudge/scratched if that make sense. I called the store and since they have no others available they said I will need to come back in tommorow and they will order me one from the warehouse but no guarantees that the one shipped will be any better. I don't want to go back in cause the SAs made me feel really uncomfortable but I feel like if I am going to spend my hard earned money I want my bag to be perfect. Do any of you feel the same? or should I just give in and keep th bag even though I am so unhappy now I know its not perfect. I know it'll get scratched from use but I was really hoping it getting one that had no defects yet like a new car with no scratches.:crybaby: sorry for the long vent but I think only you gals will truly understand...my hubby thinks I am crazy....
  2. The only thing I have to say it "the customer is ALWAYS right".
    If you are unhappy, remedy the situation so that you are. :yes:
  3. Oh my goodness..I am the QUEEN of 'let me see all of your bags from the back!' I usually have them order me one from jax even if they have em in stock just to be sure it's brand new..no shipping cost either:yes:
  4. You are not crazy by any means. I had the SA's bring out all three Bleecker Woven Pocket Hobos that they had in the back until I found one that I felt was perfect when I got one last month. It's a shame that you got an "evil eye" from an SA...you are a customer and are spending a lot of $$$ on a bag, so they should be more than accommodating to help you get your perfect bag. Is there another boutique in your area? I would go elsewhere if you can. If not, I hope that your next experience is a better one! GL to ya!:smile:
  5. when i went in for my black sophie they only had the two display bags and the SA asked if i wanted that or to order one. i definitely wanted one to order and she agreed it was the best choice!
  6. Wow, that was really rude of the SA that rang you up. Once my mom had switched the handles on a bag (they were detachable through the buckles) and the SA wasn't happy at all. Then once in the outlet she had them pull out 14 bags and they had no problem with it. I guess part is just who you get and what mood they are in. I'm sorry about your experience but, from what I've seen the natural marks up the easiest.
  7. Definitely not!!

    When I purchased a Large Coach Carly I didn't bother to check it out.. and when I got home it was a HOLE inside the bag!! UGH!

    So I went back to Coach and asked for an exchange of another bag, I had them bring out 3 large carlys in black so I could pick which one was perfect! :smile:
  8. This bag is patent leather and from what I heard beside ths glossiness fading over time I heard was suppose to be pretty durable. I really love the bag and I hope the one they ship out tommorow will be perfect. I would hate to go through all this trouble and end back at square one.
  9. Ugh...definitely don't worry about making them order a new one for you. I have the mahogany ergo tote in patent and it is fine...so obviously it must have been something with the bags they had there. I've seen that Bleecker tote in my boutique and they always look really good. I agree if you are spending all that $$ then the SAs should just do their job. haha I've been fortunate that all the SAs in my store seem to have a clue and are really helpful. Hope it stays that way.
  10. Yea I totally regret straying from my local boutique for this purchase cause this other one was the closest boutique that had this bag in stock. I wish I had just gone to my own and order from them but I was so set on taking a bag home today. Oh well lesson learned....my local SAs are so great I feel terrible cheating on them....and after this experience I will never stray again...
  11. Lazy SA:tdown:
  12. If they give you any grief, ask them if they are giving it to you for free. I'm betting the answer will be no, so tell them that you need to be happy with it. If they still give you grief, tell them you just want to return it, then go to your normal boutique and order it from them.
  13. i totally understand. i was just at sephora and picked up the daisy mj beauty case. there's only a few left since this line is on clearance right now and they all have scratches on them! i couldn't pass up on the price though so i let my being a nitpick(?) slide this time.. i know price wise it's a totally different story but in relation to your experience i know what it feels like and it sucks!!

  14. You shouldn't hesitate about going again to get the right purse that is exactly the way you want it. I have asked to see other options from the back, too. Considering how much some Coach purses cost, they had better be perfect to me. If it already bothers you now, it will keep bothering you unless you get it resolved, so don't worry about going back to get the purse that lives up to your expectations.
  15. Ulgh! I'd be so irate! Your hubby has a good eye ;). Maybe he should come with you to the store and be your bodyguard in case the "evil" eye is cast on you again! That is really uncool of the SA to make you feel bad. YOU are the customer...THEY are there to serve YOU...and you're right, that is a lot of $$$, so you should get exactly what you're money is paying for! ITA with everyone else! Good luck & NEVER feel bad about wanting what you pay for!:yes: