Have you bought more since you joined tPF?


Have your shopping habits increased since joining tPF?

  1. YES, i've bought more

  2. NO, my shopping habits have not changed at all

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  1. Eversince i joined tPF, i realized that my shopping has substantially increased? :yahoo: I joined in May, and since then, I have bought 5 bags... LOL And I plan to buy a few more before the year is up!

    I love it! Do any of you feel the same way??

    I :heart: this forum!
  2. I've definitely bought more since I joined PF. I used to buy one thing a month and lately I've been buying several things in a month, sometimes within the day. It's time for me to go on a spending diet.
  3. Wayyyyy more....I was content with my one LV I bought in April...then I joined here and I'm up to 7 or 8 with more coming shortly.
  4. I gotta say, I feel a little bit guilty. :shame:
  5. So you should VLAD for providing such a lovely forum with great enablers. LOL :smile:

    My spending has skyrocketed as well but it's only hurting my bank balance.
  6. I am definitely on the hunt for a new bag all the time now. When I'm not buying, I'm looking.
  7. LOL, view it as doing your part to help the economy!
  8. Definitely - I'm already on that spending diet - well until NYC next week!
  9. i would say that i shop the same, although this forum ACTUALLY HELPED ME TO BE WISER in choosing the bags i REALLY WANT, by seeing all the photos and everything, i don't shop randomly anymore. and it sure helps me by opening ebay ALL THE TIME which is a bigger temptation. now i'm opening this forum a lot more that browsing through all the bags on ebay

    now that'll help you feel less guilty vlad :P
  10. of course...I used to buy maybe 2 purses a year now since joining tPF I buy about 1 purse every 2 months if not every month.
  11. i buy (and spend!) a lot more, but like sea horse, i feel like they're smarter, longer lasting purchases. i rationalize it as investing (and now i sound like becky bloomwood) i can also live vicariously through other's purchases here without having to have it myself RIGHT THIS SECOND, which is really nice. no one i know cares very much about high end fashion.

    however, i've had a hard time finding acceptable things at ross lately when i used to walk out of there with tons. i blame you all for that. heheh.
  12. LOl ilza! Since joining here I haven't even been to my local mall...but have driven to Chicago 3x for shopping sprees!
    But like seahorse I am wiser....I scrutinize bags more carefully and take my time making a decision!
  13. before I joined the pf I had a bunch of coach and several IF. Now I have whatever I want and have spent probably $20,000 on bags, BUT I am so much happier. My family can't even believe my mood changes since discovering a fine handbag and a bunch of other people who appreciate a fine handbag (since no one in my town does). thank you PF
  14. OMG, we're all sick i tell you :nuts:
  15. Initially, yes definitely. It really enabled me to buy some stuff I'd been eyeing for ages at Coach. And like Seahorseinstripes and Ilzabet said, it also made me somewhat more selective in my buying, in that it made me realize that I don't want to spend a ton of money on crap anymore. I'd rather by fewer but better items.

    However, all that being said, being on here also made me acknowledge that I am a compulsive shopper - and NOT in a good, funny way. I realized that I really do have a problem and so right now I'm working on dealing with it. I've put all my credit cards away where I can't get them, I keep a little notebook to record all my purchases (I was spending tons of money on little things here and there), and I'm working really hard on not buying anything that I don't legitimately NEED.

    So although tPF enabled me to buy more stuff initially, it also helped me (in a roundabout way) realize that I have a problem. And, actually, when I first realized it, I was going to cut myself off from tPF because I was afraid it would hinder me, but in reality it's helping a lot! Mostly because I can live vicariously through everyone on here, through their shopping sprees, etc. I :heart: tPF!!

    (Okay, I think I drifted a little from the original topic of this thread!)