Have you been thinking about what you want for Christmas?

  1. My husband aked me this morning what I might want for Christmas this year. He said of course a new bag but which? IDK ........I thinking A Big Red Coach bag or the LV Neverfull MM. Whats on your Cristmas list from your love?
  2. Nothing actually. I have plenty of money and don't really want anyone to spend anything on me. What I really want is to spend time with my nieces. And that I will do. :smile:
  3. For those that r single too...eh hem..hehe!??????

    hmmm..all Jill wants is...............................

    Super attentive,LOVING,FAITHFUL,6 foot tall stud man..with big....................hands(?!)....ummmm.....ROFLMAO...
  4. My mum has been needling me for ideas since August, and I know my dad takes a lot of pride in his gifts, so I dropped on tiny hint about how much I love the new iPod touch.

    Other than that, I haven't really thought about a Christmas list except for where it coincides with my "I should probably get around to buying that" list. I'm mostly panicking about what to get my parents!
  5. OK, all I want is for my mothers first time at my house in 10 years to go smoothly AND MOST IMPORTANT to get pregnant on our new years trip!! With our best friends ( that all have kids that are staying home!!) Hey, no hand bags this year!!
  6. I haven't, but I have been thinking about what to buy everyone on my list. I'm almost done. I basically only have my dad, brother and uncle left.
  7. My SO and I spoke about this the other day. He wants 4 pairs of Bathing Apes(yea, 4!! I guess its a new obsession or something lol), a new wallet(I just got him one!:weird:smile:, and a pair of black sunglasses.
    I want a LV Epi Speedy 35(black, maybe??), a new brown Coach bag(not sure which one yet, prob. something from the outlet), some brown boots, and some red boots.. I'm sure my wishlist will change between now and then lol!
  8. Jill, does that guy on your wishlist have a twin brother?? Dear Santa...
  9. I want.... my BF to come and visit me.

    That said, I will probably wind up flying up to visit him, as I am the one with Xmas vacation time, and he will be lucky if he actually gets the 2 days off coming to him that week.
  10. A visit from the Aero guy :graucho:
  11. I want to finally conceive and have a child, no material needs atm.
  12. I'm thinking diamond studs but I really don't know
  13. Not thought about it......I always get some gift cards. Anything else I just buy for myself.

  14. Thinking? I've been out and bought it already!!! Damier Speedy 30 :love:. All wrapped up and waiting the next few months for me.
  15. I would really love for my stepmom to have a good final Christmas - she has Stage 4 breast cancer and it seems she probably won't make it another year.

    And on the more superficial side, I want an espresso maker so I can stop buying expensive Starbucks drinks.