Have U watch K-Fed on Teen Choice Award???

  1. I didn't watch it.....but my friend told me it was a disaster! K-Fed just look like Vanilla Ice reborn, Eminem wannabe! and i just found his action at Youtube.com.....and i'm totally agree with my friend!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


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  2. Who has told this guy he is talented? I heard he's a dancer, but even that was pathetic.

    That's how it works in entertainment, some people work long and hard to achieve something, and some people just get married well.
  3. Yeah, this was pretty painful. Britney genuinely supports him and the such and it sucks that she's poured love and money into him and he's.. crappy.
  4. uuug he makes me hurl.:throwup: Poor Brit I wish she would wake up with an epiphany or something. This guy is trash.
  5. I watched it and thought it (pardon my colloquialism) sucked~!!
  6. Ohhhh my eyes! (and ears!!!)
  7. Yukkkkkkkkkk
  8. sucker.....
  9. it was such a disappointment... yup
  10. oops double post!
  11. Yeah I was watching it w/ my mom & we both were completely speechless. It was horrible, he wasn't even in harmony w/ the music. What an embarrassment..poor Brit!
  12. Don't feel sorry for Brit, she's supporting this fools dreams of becoming the next big rapper...a big Vanilla Ice.
  13. Ew
  14. Well, I now feel dumber for having watched that.

    I wonder if Britney agreed to appear on the basis that K-Fed got to perform.