have anyone ever seen this before or own them?

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  1. i have seen them - i can think of other LV items i'd spend the $ on...
  2. I'm planning to buy several for travel and an emergency rain coat for my smaller LV bags do they won't get wet.
  3. they seem kind of (and by kind of, i mean REALLY) a rip off..
  4. I'm guilty I have the ones for shoes :Push: .
  5. I'd rather spend my $110 on something else...:sweatdrop:
  6. I almost bought it before, it was out almost a year ago. They come in variety of sizes. Very durable. Around $200 plus above, depends on sizes.

    I didnt buy until this year, cause I kept thinking not worthy of buying LV for things like this. But I ended up getting something similar from Antigua range in Pink colour, which is cute. The price is AU $250.


    The colour:

    Well ... at the end of the day, I return back to LV :roflmfao:
  7. You can buy similar items on hsn or qvc for pennies compared to these prices.
    I do agree with the concept of protecting shoes and bags while traveling though---but the protection does not have to say LV and cost so much!:Push:
  8. Yeeah.. it's kind of a rip as other members have pointed out, you can get them much cheaper and about the same product elsewhere.
  9. thank you. that's EXACTLY what i though. heck, i wrap everything in plastic grocery bags. LOL.