Have anyone bought Prada from Bluefly?

  1. Ladies,
    I saw Prada purse/wallet in Bluefly website, I'm wondering have anyone bought Prada from them? Are they authentic?
    Thanks for you help!
  2. I know several people have - including me (except I returned my purse - but not because it wasn't authentic - just changed my mind) - Emmy is one who kept her Prada from Bluefly. They are authentic - haven't heard any complaints about Pradas...

    Go for it! Which one(s) are you looking at?
  3. Well, Imma get the wallet first, if I'm sastified with the purchase then I'll go for it. I'm looking for the Pushlock leather, but Bluefly doesn't have it. Imma order
    black saffiano continental wallet today. Hmm... I never buy Prada before, so I don't know what to look for. Authenticity card?
  4. Hello...

    I ordered a Prada Deerskin from Bluefly last week - I'm 99.9% sure it's authentic... the only diff I see is in one of the leather hang tags, but I think it's just a diff. in the quality of the leather on that *specific* tag. Everything else is the same, auth cards, stitching, buckles, etc. I have a bag from dept store to compare to.

    If you want to see diff... I posted some pix here in this thread...


    I'd buy from them again, just be careful and look-over whatever it is you're buying very carefully b4 removing their tags. Otherwise they won't return it if you send back the item. Good luck! :yes:
  5. I bought a few Prada items from Bluefly -- a tote, backpack and messenger bag. I didn't have any problems with the items.
  6. ^ Yup..they're def authentic..I kept my nylon gauffre..It's just what I was looking for!!!...But I ordered a Prada moc croc black wallet & sandals over the weekend.....but the wallet is SOLD OUT!!! There was a note on my packing slip....AAARRRRGGG!!!!! I really needed that size...and I didn't want to have to 'work' to get one...Now I'm at square one again.....The sandals are great too...but I'm sending those back b/c they are too small:sad: .....Congrats on your purchase!!! Post pics when you get it!!!!
  7. I haven't bought Prada- but all items I have bought have been authentic.
  8. I've got wallets, handbags and shoes from Bluefly. All authentic.
  9. I bought a Prada fame bag from Bluefly a couple of years ago. It was authentic.
  10. i bought 2 Tod's bags from them, I doubted if they were authentic. The leather is thinner than the real thing. My Tod's boutique had a hard time authenticating since it was from 2 seasons ago. I returned both bags :sad:
  11. The bag I wrote about a few weeks ago from Bluefly definitely looked authentic -- it arrived with a torn security tag and looked like it had a minute flaw in the leather/retouching -- I called them, sent it back, they refunded everything tho it took another call to get the shipping refunded too. Probably as it was my first purchase ever with them. They were very nice about it all.

    I'd shop with them again just be careful to really check out the bag once you get it.