Have any of you ever framed your scarves?

  1. I found a Ballerina scarf on eBay this morning in the colors I was looking for and its on its way to me, and a few days ago I managed to get another Ballerina one in different colors. I think they are just too pretty to sit in a box till I wear them, but I think they would be awesome framed (my daughter wants one in her room as well). They are both the 35" size.

    Have any of you done this? any tips?
  2. i framed a non-H scarf and if i could afford doubles, i would definitely buy 2 of a design and frame one and wear one.
    take it to a really professional place and they'll know exactly what to do.
  3. hermeslady to thread.

    She (hermeslady) framed three pochettes of the same design in three different colorways. What a wonderful and gorgeous effect!
  4. What a great idea.
  5. There's a thread on this subject from about a month or two ago...
    I did it and it is in my DD's room. It's a pink scarf with rockinghorses on it. As HH suggests above, I took it to a professional place; they matted and framed it and did it in a way that came out very smooth--I don't know if they had to iron/steam it or not but it looks great. The framing cost more than the scarf itself.
  6. my non-H scarf was fairly old and had a cool tag on it saying what store it was from, i wanted that to show, as well as a tag saying 'made in italy' etc. so i had them frame mine on top of the matting - definitely only trust the pros. yes, it's $$ but you want everything to be done in a way that doesn't harm the material.
  7. Coco, you know me ! Yes, I have the 3 sangles pochettes framed, 5 full sized scarves framed. Love them ! I should frame more, but it is so expensive. I must stop buying the H bags !

    I've attached some photos, enjoy ! I love seeing them everyday.

    Donna, I think your scarves would look stunning framed. Great idea !
    Image011 (2).jpg Image007 (2).jpg Image004 (2).jpg Image001 (2).jpg fs7 (2).jpg
  8. Oh HL, we have the same taste! I've had Pierres D'Orient et D'Occident since day one in the black/yellow border colorway, and LeDoux's L'Hiver with a Vert Olive border, and Sangles with the blue-backgrounded colorway. They really are three of my favorites and have gotten way too much wear to frame. I guess I should have bought doubles!
  9. I bought a framed Gucci floral scarf from a local antique dealer/friend-he had it framed for his mother-beautiful, but if you are close up you can see the border has faded from the sun (like everything here)-be careful where you place it/them!
  10. thanks so much! I loved the pix of your framed one...beautiful! I think I will frame one and keep the other to wear. Looks like my daughter is out of luck this time. ha.
  11. I just had the pink Les Triples pochette framed for my DD's room. Had it done w/o any matte and they left the scarf slightly loose behind the glass and did not use any pins or tape. That way, I could take it out in the future and it would be wearable. I steamed the scarf flat before taking it in for framing.
  12. We had 3 framed for our offices. MY DH went overboard - again. They are in gold leaf frames. One is Napoleon - red & green. Other is Musee - blue & gold The last one is at our main office so I don't have access right now. He bought these scarves in 1999 at the Hermes in Vegas & had them framed immediately. I haven't tried to take them out of the frames, the pattern isn't my taste for a scarf. But they make great wall art. Look as good today as they did 8 years ago. We have Vista tint on windows to preserve art work & fabrics.
  13. You must be sure the materials that are touching the scarf are acid free....a good framer will do this automatically, but best to make certain...

    Also, UV glass would be great, and make sure they are not in the direct sun once they are hung.
  14. Did the same for my two in their rooms - I made sure they can be used again - no staples or glue used!
  15. Beautiful scarves in frames hermeslady.