Have any 'international' tpf-ers got there Hayden Harnett sale bags yet?

  1. Im seeing all those nice pics on the other thread....and I cant add to it.

    Have any of you international members (ie. not living in the USA) who ordered from Hayden Harnetts Big Bang sale receieved their bags yet?

    Im in the UK and Im still waiting.

    Is it just me???
  2. Are you talking about the July sale or the August one? For the July one, I've received all my bags but am still waiting for the August order...they had to change the colours for 3 out of the 4 bags I ordered...the sale was so popular they ran out :p but...that's OK, I got them at such a great price!

    BTW, I'm in Singapore.
  3. I didn't order from the sale but I am waiting for a havana hobo and pastis frame. The shipping date has been put back so I'm expecting them around beginning-mid September.
    I'm so impatient though....:drool:
  4. I'm in Canada and haven't received my purchase yet either.Kind of takes the excitement away, doesn't it?
  5. I emailed HH yesterday to ask about my order that I placed on august 2nd. Their last email said that my bag was shipped on the 16th, but the tracking number they emailed today revealed that my bag wasnt sent until the 23rd!!:tdown:

    The US customers must have gotten priority I guess...

    Yes! Now Im not really interested in it TBH...
    I hope that it blows me away when I finally receive it to make up for the long wait.
  6. I'm in Australia. I ordered on 2nd August and my bags did not ship until 23rd August as they ran out of a purse I had ordered. I still haven't received mine, but I would think it may arrive this week, as usually takes about 7 days (from experience with other parcels I've received).
  7. I still have not received my bags from 08/02 and I'm in the US. :confused1:
  8. I'm in Vancouver, Canada and I just got my bag this past Sunday (I ordered on Aug 2). I got the Mimi in olive and yes the patent is a little bit sticky (the bag isn't damaged in anyway though) but I LOVE the bag too much to care:p I will try to post a pic of me wearing it so you can see it's wonderful-ness:yes:

    Hope everyone gets their bags soon!
  9. Now my bag is currently lingering in UK customs...

  10. Well, I bought a couple bags from them during their last sale. And I only got their bags this week finally! They charged my credit card but didn't bother to send out the package for almost three weeks! Paying interest on my credit card for items I haven't even received yet isn't exactly what I was expecting from them. Kinda dubious business practice if you ask me.
  11. Hi Halzer-your avatar really freaks me out!!!!:wtf:
  12. They definitely should not charge you until they ship. I had called to ask about that policy because they kept pushing back the shipping date for a bag. The woman I spoke with said they would not charge until they shipped. Apparently they're not consistent with this policy.