Have a little problem with Greta

  1. I am about to do some research myself, but I know there are alot of experienced TPF'ers who might have some good info!

    Let me preface this by saying I'm going to try and set up a puppy training appointment this weekend. But ...

    Greta is almost 12 weeks old and is only left alone for half an hour each day. When I leave in the morning, well...I had been putting her in her crate, and I'm pretty certain that she does not stop crying the entire time. Not only that, but she jumps around and she poops and gets it everywhere.

    So I put a gate up in the bathroom so she could be free and try to avoid her pooping and getting it all over herself. Do you think that worked? I have nooo idea how but she went #2 in the corner and managed to walk all in it and get it all over herself. This was many feet away from where it actually happened. So daily we have had to give her baths because of this. Also I hate that she is so upset.

    Clearly this can't go on as I could never leave the house...and I'm already a homebody because of them! lol hellllppp!!!
  2. Wow, usually they won't mess up their crate-- which is why a lot of people use it as a tool to potty train! This little girl sounds like she has some major separation anxiety. I'd definitely Google that term, and see what comes up. I've not dealt with it personally, or I would try to offer more help! Maybe some of our other experts can help out!

    Also you may want to register on the Petfinder.com message boards and search for those issues/ask the same questions... those folks are also quite knowledgable. Good luck, keep us posted!
  3. oooh petfinder! good idea! ...I'm on it.. Thanks!!
  4. I agree with TTucker, she does sound like she has separation anxiety, I have read about it before, and she does show the symptoms. She sees you as her mommy. I would do further research on it and perhaps ask your vet about what you can do to reduce it. Good luck!!
  5. Clomipromine-it's like puppy prozak, calms the separation anxiety but make sure you have a good vet, the wrong doses (too much depending on the size of the dog) can cause seizures. I had a rescued dog with many problems, ate my entire house, ate through a solid wood front door, tore up flooring, carpet, etc. freaked when put into a crate but after his medication-the problems subsided. I do also highly recommend training, it helps and all male dogs need to be fixed to calm them down. Talk to your vet, there may even be new meds and/or techniques since I had my problems. Over the counter remedies don't really work, even the feremone thingies aren't so hot. Good luck!
  6. Aww Danica I hope everything works out with Greta.

    I don't really have any advice b/c Carmen and Bentley have never done this.

    What about keeping Maya in with Greta????
  7. Danica,
    Greta will get better in time. Prince was the same way. If I left him enclosed in a crate or the bathroom for more than an hour he was a wreck. He'd do just like Greta, cry and cry and cry, go #2 then walk all in it and just make a mess. I solved it by letting Grace, the cat, in to keep him company and to let him have free reign in the house. Yes, I did have some messes to clean up but now he rarely has a mess. He'll wait until I get home and let him out. He's just 6 months old so I think he's doing quite well but I remember feeling like the worst person in the world when I'd come home and he was in such a state.
  8. Ahhh thanks you guys! I would like to try and avoid any medication if at all possible. That would be a last resort...I feel a bit weird about giving them something that may make them worse off. I'm too frightened of the horror stories.
    Couturegrl, I was thinking of keeping Maya and Greta in the kitchen and closing them off together...I'm not sure how much Maya will like that, but I think Greta would. Next time we're both gone for a bit I will try that.
    I was reading that you should go through the motions of getting ready to leave, keys, jacket, etc. but she doesn't actually freak out until she is gated, so that is the problem. Maybe gating her and then coming back for her and doing that over and over again would help.
    Adriane, I know how you feel...I stress out about it every day I have to leave her and worry if she is covered in her own poop and sitting there crying. My poor baby!!!