"Have a Hershey Day!"

  1. So I was running some errands - buying multivitamins and a folder for class, as well as getting my hair cut.

    There was a woman handing out Hershey bars (Special Dark with Almonds) and she was telling people to have a Hershey Day!

    Obviously, I can't hand out Hershey's to people here, but I wanted everyone on this forum to have a Hershey day, too!
  2. Ahahaha! They were handing out chocolate bars at my school today! Maybe it's an Ontario thing?
  3. I don't know! Good marketing strategy, though!

    They're like free samples. I guess the company is thinking if the person really likes the chocolate bar (I enjoyed mine!) that they'd go pay money for some.
  4. Thanks!!! I think I'll go find me some chocolate now :graucho:
  5. Hmmph. Chocolate comes from Switzerland.

    I will have a Lindt 85% day, thank you very much.

    Why don't we have a supercilious nose-in-the-air icon?
  6. ShimmaPuff, we have this one: :blah:

    (And don't get me wrong . . . I love Lindt and Godiva and Toblerone. But that doesn't mean I don't enjoy Hershey's every now and then!)
  7. Thanks! Love them!
  8. Thank you! That was sweet!
  9. Cute, thanks!