Have a heart...and a wallet and a couple of clutches!

  1. So I went to get a heart and a wallet and a couple of more things tagged a ride home.

    I agree with the posters that feel that the limelight noir is more of a chocolate. Yeah!:yahoo:

    I'm not that enchanted with black, but chocolate is my absolute favorite. I was debating the limelight in the gold (even though I passed on the copper for fear of not using a clutch). But the gold and chocolate were so beautiful, well both had to make their way home!:tup::shame::love:
    DSCF1395.jpg DSCF1398.jpg DSCF1399.jpg DSCF1402.jpg DSCF1404.jpg
  2. O:huh: the black is gorgeous... MUCH prettier than I imagined.. CONGRATS!
  3. wow congrats on all the goodies!!! :smile:
  4. Congrats, saw them yesterday at LV. Agree with you black has more of a bronzy/chocolate hue
  5. OMG the gold is fabulous !

    Looks like you had a very busy day at the boutique ! :graucho:
  6. WOW! What an amazing loot! Congrats!!!
  7. Oh la la! What a haul! Congrats on scoring a rainboq of beautiful LV! The limelights are drool worthy, just stunning! Enjoy them all!
  8. thanks for the pics and congrats. could you post a picture of the limelight clutch pm next to another bag or maybe a modeling picture so we can get an idea of the size? thanks! :smile:
  9. O_o What a Hual, might as well purchase all the LE shipment they've got lol. Great great choices!!! :drool:
  10. Congratulations! Finally we have visuals of the elusive limelights. They're gorgeous!
  11. Some very pretty goodies!
    I love the epi!
  12. wow! love all of your new purchases!
  13. very nice, congrats! I love it when other goodies want to come home with me!
  14. Love the limelight! I want one now!
  15. What a great haul!!!