hautelook.com jean blowout!!

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  1. ok soooo after stalking hautelook.com on their denim sale today.... i was able to score a pair of True Religions for $34!!!!! I got so lucky on these cus I kept refreshing the page over and over because it was on hold in someone's cart and i guess their time ran out so i snatched them up lol! it's one size bigger than i normally wear, but hey! they're almost 90% off!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    sorry i just had to share this because i missed out on the sale last time and was so bummed but i'm ecstatic that i was lucky enough to get at least one this time! LOL:biggrin::biggrin:

    if any of you tpfers were able to score some, feel free to share what ya got! :smile:
  2. Thanks so much OP!

    Was able to get a pair of Joe's Jeans for $27. I wish I was able to order more but their search was inaccurate and everything that showed up in my size wasn't really my size when I clicked on it or it was sold out. :pout:
  3. Looks like everything is sold out already! :shocked:
  4. Ugh!! That was happening to me too...ended up not ordering anything because i was so frustrated! What a bummer..:tdown:
  5. Boo I missed it. I LOVE LOVE joe jeans. What good deals.

    I always miss the RM bags too. I'm either too late or I don't know about it until after its over