Haut au Courries ?

Apr 18, 2006


Dec 23, 2005
Hello lizlikeshugs, here's an eBay link to an Haut a Courroies:

eBay: RICH Authentic Hermes Ostrich Cognac Birkin 32 HAC BNIB (item 220063652335 end time Dec-28-06 14:06:01 PST)

On tPF, try to do a search for "HAC" or "Haut a Courroies". As you can see, it is taller than a regular Birkin and has shorter handles. The more current ones (since 2004, as far as I've seen) also have different hardware; the turnlock is square instead of round and the strap guides are rounded.
that ostrich ...... to die for!!!


Mar 25, 2006
Is a HAC more expensive than a Birkin?

It seems very hard to find :sad:

Not really, I think. It's relatively easier to get a HAC, which is a good thing. I was told Paris sends out HACs to all the boutiques on it's own accord from time to time, and it's up to the store manager/senior SAs to decide who to offer these HACs to. Compared to the Birkins, which are ordered by the store manager at the podiums.


Jul 5, 2006
Price Check -- 32c. HAC in Chevre Coromandel = $7500 as of Dec.

How does that compare???.....if memory serves, and it may not, a 35cm. Coromandel Birkin was $7400 as of last February.
And has there been a price hike since then?? I do not know....

As for availability, in my shop, although they do put more HACs out on the shelfs or will offer more to customers, there are not that many which come into the shop. Birkins have the "celebrity" cache surrounding them, but they were originally modelled off of the design of the HAC and many long term Hermes clients prefer this original design (high-handle) HAC. So, in my shop, if you get to see the inventory sheets, about the same number of Birkins and HACS come in every year, it is only that so many people now only ask for the Birkin. But the HAC can be a nice a model to try out and a great compromise size between the 30cm and the 35cm.


Jun 11, 2006
Interesting....THanks for all the info, I'm learning new things every day!

I'm trying to keep myself from walking into an Hermes store until I'm at least 25 (I'll be 22 in Jan). It's been tough walking by it in SF.....It's calling to me....LOL.