Hat storage box too small?

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  1. Hi everyone, I just bought a Paris Hat and I love it! But the oval shape hat box seems like too small for her.
    When I try to put the hat in, it can squeeze in the box, but if I try to put the hat upside down into the box, I can’t put her in without fold the crown a little bit.

    Since when I search for how to store a hat properly, put the hat upside down is the preferred way, so I would like to store her upside down.

    How do you store your hat? Should I buy a bigger box to store the hat? The hat size is 58.

  2. Disclaimer : I don't own hats.

    Could you put the hat in the box the proper way and then store the box itself upside down on the shelf?
  3. Hermès has hat boxes in various sizes. I would request a larger size to accommodate the hat without compromising its shape.
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  4. This. The oval is only good for hats with smaller brims.
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  5. Thank you so much for all your response! I will request a larger hat box to store.
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