Has Your Guy Changed His Stlye Since Youve Been Together ??

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  1. Mine has Thank god !! I had to let him know that Hawaiian shirts and Tevas were illegal. Trust me I knew I had my work cut out for me, I knew this wasnt going to be an easy case. So, I just rolled up my sleeves, pinned back my hair and got stuck in.
    Now he is enlightened reborn he sees the light !!!!

    How about your guy ? Has he changed his style since youve been together ?
  2. Mine has..(thank goodness) For whatever reason, he was still hangin on to his running shorts..You know the kind basketball players used to wear...those REAL short shorts? (yuk) I also made him get rid of all those horrible striped golf shirts. At night I also put out his suit, shirt socks, tie for the next morning. He does slip occasionally, it's usually in the summer with his socks....I am always rolling them down..."you look like a dork with your socks pulled up!" LOLOLOL!!!
  3. He's a better dresser than me. I go out and look like s***. I can't coordinate. He tells me what looks good and what matches. He dressed really casual and rough back when we started college. He's all collared shirts and button up shirts.
  4. Not at all!!!
  5. A bit...but not enough yet!
  6. errrr.. sort of. he doesn't wear as much bball gear but he still sports too many plain white tees. but it's cute because he dresses up for me sometimes. :smile:
  7. yup, even more people notice that
  8. not in the slightest, i will never change mine, but that's ok :smile:
  9. Nope, and I don't want him to :biggrin:
  10. We've evolved together - trust me, no one would want to see either of us in the "club" clothes we were wearing 7 years ago. :P
  11. no, and I don't want mine to either. he always looks better than me.
  12. mine has always had great sense of style, so i didn't have to teach him anything.
  13. Nope. He's always very well dressed, whether business or casual. :smile: I don't think I'd want him to transform to my definition of his style. I might help him combine colors more effectively, but he does a decent job with most things on his own, so I let him be~ I'd rather be more controlling in other areas. :-P
  14. Mine changed... he used to dress in oversized bball shorts and t-shirts, like he was going to the gym! No he always looks like a 10, he's always the best dressed man in the room.