Has your dog ever had an eye ulcer?

  1. Yesterday morning I noticed my dog squinting at me. I first thought he was just sleepy but then later noticed that his left eye looked a little puffy. Later in the afternoon it started to get runny and when I cuddled him he would try to rub his eye on my arm or leg. I took him to the vet this morning and they did a test and he apparently has an ulcer in his eye?! They gave me some antibiotic ointment to put in his eye 2x/day and told me to come back later this week.

    I've had my dog for 7 years and he's never had any eye issues. He's a chihuahua mutt.

    Have any of you had this happen? Did it go away without worsening?
  2. My dogs haven't had ulcers but so far the corneal irritations have gone away. I left for a long trip of six weeks or so and the dogs weren't bathed during that time and they got gunky eyes which went away once they were clean again. And worse, last spring my 13 year old dog's growth on her eyelid started rubbing her eye and we had to have the growth removed. Once that was gone the eye went back to normal fast.

    I am sure the ulcer will go away fast since you got to it so quickly. My other dog is seven and the vet is calling my baby a senior now. I have to watch out for little things that can get bad now he is old. No, he will never be old he is my baby!
  3. My dog has had little bumps sort of on the bottom eye lid. I'm not sure if it was an ulcer. The vet said if it didn't go away I'd need to take her to an eye specialist, but it went away on its own.
  4. Eye ulcerations are not uncommon with small breeds, breeds with "bug eyes" or a double whammy, small breeds WITH buggy eyes. Usually an ulceration is caused by a virus, a partical in the eye, or by rubbing it constantly. My MIL Boston was always getting one.
  5. No, never had a dog with an eye ulcer. Be thankful if they can cure it with medicine. I've had to get cataract surgery on one of my dogs, twice.
  6. my dog hasn't but my cat has. he got is shortly after he had some surgery on his teeth. they said stress can cause it among other things. if you're very diligent about putting the ointment in the eye it will go away pretty quickly. my vet told me i could put the ointment in the eye more than twice a day, but i dont know if your ointment is the same or anything so i wouldnt recommend it without asking your vet first.
  7. Owing pugs (I have 3) eye ulcers can be pretty common. My pug Disco had one and with antibiotic drops 3 times a day his ulcer healed without any problems. My mom has a pug too and he got a really bad ulcer. We believe our vet made the mistake by putting a steroid ointment in his eye, which caused him more pain. He was then put on an antibiotic after going to an emergency animal hospital and a few weeks later his eye finally healed. He was in a lot of pain though and wouldn’t eat. If a pug doesn’t eat you know something is wrong.

    In the meantime I have taken my pugs to the vet and emergency animal hospital more times than I can count about their eyes, thinking they had an ulcer or something. If you catch it quickly and get it treated then he should be fine. Letting it go untreated can cause many problems.

    I hope your lil’ guy has a speedy recovery.
  8. Thanks for all your advice and well wishes. My dog doesn't have "bug eyes" but this was new. The vet said it could have been caused by soap/shampoo in his eye (he got a bath the day before I first noticed it), even though we don't get his head wet when we bathe him. He's not a fan of the ointment but I think it's helping. Poor guy. At least he doesn't have to wear a cone hat!
  9. Well, he fell into the "small breeds" category then, but it's much more common with the buggy eyed pups. Some of the Apple-headed chi's I've seen recently are notorious for eye problems, seems the weird shape of the head almost pushes the eyes out more. Genetically though, yours is a mix, so he'll have less problems than some of the Chi's produced now.

    Another thing is, are their other animals around he plays with? Sometimes getting whopped in the eye by someone else's paw can do this. Our little terrier (the one on the right in my siggie) once got a HUGE hemotoma (blood mass under the skin) in her ear because she and the cat were playing and Phaser bopped her in the ear. (Damn cat cost me 600.00 in vet fees! EK!)

    I'm glad he didn't have to wear the E-Collar... Phaser had to when we had her spayed and the stitches got infected... to this DAY she freaks out when she thinks she's going to the vet, she remembers that damn collar!

    LOL, I could tell you stories til the cows come home about the things my animals have done to themselves and each other... but I won't! :p