Has your 'beater bag' ever become your favorite?

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  1. Just curious if this has happened to anyone else...

    I lusted after the original petite Noe and got it in great condition, but I'm not using her until she gets a bit of a tan. After finding a beat up large Noe for a really great price, i bought it thinking "for that price why not?" I figured I don't have to worry about it... Low and behold... I'm head over heels in LOVE with her, stains and all!!! I've worn her non stop for the past month and I'm NOT bored (I switch at least 2 times a week usually out of boredom) and I don't even have an urge to switch over right now..:shocked: I have much nicer (better condition) bags and I'm not even tempted..

    Has this ever happened to you? Am I cray cray? :girlsigh:

    Here's a pic of my used, shabby, and oh-so loved bag!!

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  2. Yep! I bought my pre-loved Speedy 30 Damier as just a weekend/jeans bag....I love it! I use it daily and love it almost more than my new black vernis alma! Crazy, pre-owed love!
  3. Nothing wrong with that. Sometimes the pristine bags make us nervous for that first stain. A bag that has had a bit of love is basically worry free.
  4. None in particular but my preloved purchases definitely get more use than new ones! So I guess that applies. Gorgeous noe too, congrats :smile:
  5. yes. it feels more broken in :smile:
  6. I have a vintage (1999) Mono Speedy 25 and I take it to work every day and never worry about it, but I have a Speedy B Mono 25 that I brought new and hardly ever take it out ...............scared of that first stain !!!!!!
    We are a daft lot aren't we?
  7. Yep, just like a lot of gals here, I use my speedy B 30 in DE as my everyday bag, but I consider it my beater bag b/c it's pre-owned, and I never worry about ruining it. I have nicer bags that I use less!
  8. Yep it's like a comfy pair of shoes or a fave old tshirt.

  9. I loooove super soft worn down tees. My fave.
  10. I bought my Speedy B in DE thinking not that it was necessarily my beater bag but one that I could use for work, not worry about, etc. Got the Speedy B because I'm not really a hand held type of girl. But I LOVE that bag more than when I bought it. The slouchiness, the pop of red, the flexibility of how to wear it. LOVE
  11. I can see how this can happen...the bag feels more broken in and easier to wear on a day to day basis :smile:
  12. Glad to hear I'm not alone!! :biggrin: I guess it is the ease and comfort that I love, plus discovering that I'm a huge Noe fan! :cool:
  13. I have a 89 petit Noe and she is soo classy and chic! I never worry about her! She is like a best friend from kindergarten!

    Love your new BF!
  14. Aw I love the way this sounds!! I have a new bf :smile:
  15. I bought an old well-used Batignolles Horitzonal for work. I loved the fact that it had stains inside, so I wouldn't have to worry if my lunch bag leaked. I have carried that bag to work everyday since I bought it six months ago. It's like an old friend now.