Has work rh ever come in leather tag?

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  1. Hi there,

    Just curious that work rh has ever come in leather tag? My friend has the yummy apple green work rh 132110 in the leather tag. Is it normal? As far as I know this color is from ss2005.

  2. A 2005 work would have a silver tag.
  3. Thank you, I'm not sure if my understand of the model is correct. The back of the tag said 132110 1669 searching and founded in this forum, it's the work rh. May be I didn't get the model right.
  4. That is the correct style number for a work. Can you post pictures?
  5. Maybe the metal plate came off?
    If so the leather tag wold be all that remains.
  6. My Fall/Winter 2005 Grey Work and 2005 Rouge Theater Work have silver plates.

    My Spring/Summer 2005 Bubblegum Pink Work has a leather tag.
    I think all S/S 2005 Works might have only the leather tag.
    Apple Green as well as Turquoise are also S/S and makes sense if it has only the leather tag.
  7. I also own an apple green work. It only has a leather tag. :smile:
  8. Maxxout is correct, SS 05 Works have Leather tags, not the silver plate. I did a lot of research on this when I got my SS 05 Indigo Work, which has the leather tag. :smile: