has Vuitton ever made

  1. Epi Keepall 60?

    i called and ask, they said only 45 and 55..

    i've heard ppl have 35, and even 50 on ebay now.. .y does the girl from Vuitton said they never make 35 or 50 or 60.. only speedy 25, 30, and keepall 45, 55
  2. I dont remember there ever being a keepall 60 in epi.
  3. Wow. Never Seen One that Big. Maybe they never did.
  4. I don't remember seeing one - but it could also be SO-ed right ? So anything is possible !
  5. Or discontinued?
  6. My SA just gave me the LV catalogue. I checked but they only have the Epi Keepall in 45 and 55.
  7. EDIT: I just read that you said EPI.

    They have it in Mono.