Has this happend to you too?

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  1. My MAMM in PH got lost right at my front door. According to f####, the package was left at front door 30 mins before I got home. But there was nothing at the door. I am so sad... I emailed the store I purchased from and they said they would investigate and give my money back if they couldn't find it.

    NO!! I want my bag!!! I have never had a problem with online shopping before. I hope I could find it. Today was the saddest day ever...
  2. They didn't have delivery confirmation or insurance or anything??? That's strange for an item worth over a hundred dollars...
  3. f e d e x has BS tracking - Ive had packages that said "delivered" on the tracking but that were never delivered. Its not that they got stolen, its that f e d e x lost it. they suck.
  4. Oh my gosh I'm so sorry this happened to you! Hope you get this resolved!!
  5. cmonna I am SO sorry - I would have lost my mind. There is no excuse for that happening. Start knocking on your neighbors' doors! J/K I really hope it gets resolved for you :shucks:
  6. oh cmmona im so so sorry - that is absolutely AWFUL f***x ought to be ashamed of themselves!!! i hope this gets resolved soon!!!
  7. Found it!!!!
    The leasing office had it! I don't why F#### said that they left at front door. I spent the entire night biting my nails cause I thought someone might have stolen it! Besides, the ph mamm was sold out everywhere!

    Thanks girls!
    I will post pics as soon as I get back home tomorrow. I will be gone for a couple days!
  8. yayyyy glad it worked out!
  9. fed ex is TERRIBLE they probably delivered it to the wrong ADDRESS!!!

    That's what's happened to me TWICE with fedex.

    I had to personally go and pick up my package from the house they delivered it to!
  10. if i were to get a MAMM again it would TOTES be in PH (AA still has one so im thinking i may watch for it go on sale:P)

  11. Oh thank god! Can't wait to see pics...
  12. Hahaha, it was on sale a few weeks or something ago! MISSED YOUR CHANCE!!!
  13. i don't even think delivery services WOULD leave things at the front door.. nowadays i thought they all just dropped them off at the nearest post office with a note for you on your door that says what time they came and how long it'll be at the post office for.

    ... at least that's what happens where i live!

    good thing you got your package afterall!
  14. I'm sorry. Nearly the same thing happened to me this past week. Item was shipped from sender with tracking. According to tracking item is delivered. I go to my PO box. Item isn't there. Post office say that they delivered it to my PO box, but they didn't deliver it into my PO box. Where it is, I have no idea.
  15. Can you contact the carrier directly? I did that one time with FedEx and they were able to change the address in their system after the package was already in route. Good Luck!