Has this ever happened to you??

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  1. I have been wanting a new LV bag for ages and ummed and arrghed over the Alma , Lockit , BV , Neverfull . Well I have been into my store on 3 seperate occasions , looking , trying but as much as I loved these bags they didn't feel truly right . Then just as I was walking out of the door I spotted the Damier Hampstead pm , and picked it up . Guess what it was perfect , I made my decision in about 30 secs after spending hours trying to find the right bag . Isn't it amazing how sometimes things work out ...
  2. It happens to me alot.
  3. I think that is how it is suppose to happen, the right back just speaks to your heart
    Congrats and enjoy your new Hempstead
  4. Congratulations on you Hampstead! I think its the perfect bag too. This has happened to me too. That's why its so helpful to go to the store to pick bags because you really have to actually try them on to know what right for you. Enjoy!
  5. Congrats, Flossie! I've been eyeing the Hampstead PM, too.
    Can you tell me if it fits over your shoulder?
  6. this happens to me a lot tooo
    its just so random and then i think about it and keep thinking

    until I just HAVE to go back to get it!!!!
  7. hehehe... i am still waiting for it to happen to me....:graucho:
  8. Hi , It does fit over the shoulder as long as you dont wear a thick coat .
  9. Usually when I go to the LV store, I've done so much research, lost so much sleep, and drilled myself (and others) throughly, so I'm sure of what I want when I walk in. I still look at other bags, but go with my original decision.

    For me---making a decision on a new LV takes weeks........LOL!

    Congrats on your new Hampstead----it's a gorgeous bag!!!:tup:
  10. That always happens to me. Congrats on your Hampstead PM, I'm enjoying my MM!
  11. yes, exactly. i lusted over the ludlow wallet, but once i got it, i realized it was too small for my liking. congrats on your new purchase!
  12. Yes, this is the way is supposed to be, the match is something that is recognized in seconds. That's why we always say on the forum in postings were other members ask if they should buy something or wait, we always say hold off until somthing shouts your name!!! You heard the shouting!!!!!!!!!!Yea, so glad you found your perfect match!!!
  13. :yes::yes::yes: congrats on your Hampstead!
  14. LOL...it happens to me every now and then, i just can't help the impulse buying sometimes...congrats on your new hampstead!!
  15. Once in a while it does ... congrats on your Hampstead! I'm eyeing that myself but waiting to see it in the Azur first.