Has this ever happened to you???

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  1. I called an SA at NM in Troy, MI to find a black weekender for me. She was able to find the last one in San Francisco. I wasn't in a rush so I just had her ground ship it to me. She said she would call me with the tracking number later that week, but never did. I tried calling back, but she said she couldn't find it in the system yet, and to call again tomorrow. Well, my DH and I went on holiday for about a week, and when we came back the package had arrived. Yay!! My very first bbag!! I ripped it open only to find a pewter looking tote bag, which looked like a free gift and a couple tubes of antiage cream. I almost wanted to cry. :crybaby:The receipt was in the box, and they sent me someone else's order. The SA in Troy already sent me the receipt separately, so whoever received my purse has no idea who it should go to. I didn't receive any calls while on holiday, which is the scary part. Because you would think if someone received another person's order, they would call NM right away. But my guess is that they are going to keep it and probably just say that they never received it.

    I've called the NM in Troy, and the SA who handled the transfer isn't here today, but they said a manager would call me back today. I hate waiting. Has this happened to anyone? I'm hoping that there's a happy ending to my sad story.
  2. Im sure i remember someone getting furry boots instead of a bbag.... im sure you arent alone! They will sort it out for you, hang in there!
  3. Hang in there... we'll keep you company!! That's a very frustrating situation!
  4. Hope you get it sorted out.... Neiman Marcus has the worse shipping department... (usually their online warehouse is extremely bad)..
    I received used items from another store for my order...

    But they do sort it out at the end... you should ask for them to find you another one and ship it next day to you..

    Good LUCK!!
  5. I hope it gets sorted out soon! How frustrating!!
  6. They are notorious for messing up shipping. Atleast in my experience. My latest encounter with them was receiving an empty box. I guess it wasn't really empty since it had 4 pounds of paper in it! Someone took/stole my bbag out of it and substituted it with enough paper so that it would register a weight. So when the Fedex guy handed it to me it didn't seem extremely light due to all of the paper, but then I opened it and it was nothing but paper. I was issued a refund.
  7. I've had issues with NM sending me clearly used items. I sent it back with a note about my disappointment in the item and that I expected a full refund. I'm still waiting on that part, but I hope that handle it expeditiously.
  8. Fortunately not, and I'm very sorry for all of you that these shipping mishaps *have* happened to. I can imagine that it would be terribly frustrating and upsetting to be expecting something wonderful to find it not inside the box!

    I wish you well,

  9. Thanks everyone for your support!! :smile: I feel so much better knowing I'm not alone. Everyone's stories sound horrible! I'll keep ya posted once I hear back.
  10. FRUSTRATION!!!! Hang in there...i'm sure you will have your new bag in your hands soon!
  11. yes, keep us posted.....
  12. I am so sorry that this happened to you. I can't imagine how frustrated you must feel. It sounds like you got the beauty event gift with purchase. I hope everything gets sorted out quickly.
  13. They have tracking for a reason and the store will also have a record of who they shipped the tote you received to. I'm sure they will sort it out for you- Hang in there- what a bummer.
  14. I just received my package from NM today hoping to find my very first bbag purchase (tabac City) only to find a tabac WORK. WAAAH! Love the color but just don't need this size. Plus, the extra tassels were laying flopped in the bottom of the purse and all the paper stuff was just tossed in, too. I called and told them wrong size but now I am afraid they will screw up again. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  15. AWWW!! I'm so sorry to hear about your situation! If I'm guessing correctly who the SA is, she will fix it for you! I hope you get your bag soon!
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