Has this ever happened to you guys?

Lady Jane

I am coool
Dec 2, 2006
well, i got a chin length bob yesterday for my haircut. well i got it, and my mom said it was cute and all, and everyone else liked it, except me. i hated it all last night and pouted about it. but than, the next day, i really liked my haircut!

has this ever happened to you guys, you hate your haircut at first, but than grow to love it the next day?
Usually,l I'm the opposite. I love it until I wash it and have to style it myself. My problem is that I always get bangs and I HATE bangs on myself!! But I end up doing it like once a year!!! :cursing:
LOL dreamgirl!!! I do the same thing!!!! Bangs look soooo stupid on me, and I keep getting them anyway! Trying to grow them out right now.
But both things have happened to me, usually the ones that I hate at first work out better in the end. Oddly enough.