Has this ever happened to you guys?

Lady Jane

I am coool
Dec 2, 2006
well, i got a chin length bob yesterday for my haircut. well i got it, and my mom said it was cute and all, and everyone else liked it, except me. i hated it all last night and pouted about it. but than, the next day, i really liked my haircut!

has this ever happened to you guys, you hate your haircut at first, but than grow to love it the next day?


MAC Madness!
Sep 19, 2006
LOL dreamgirl!!! I do the same thing!!!! Bangs look soooo stupid on me, and I keep getting them anyway! Trying to grow them out right now.
But both things have happened to me, usually the ones that I hate at first work out better in the end. Oddly enough.