Has this bag been released yet

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  1. I saw on a Facebook page that thisnag might be released this summer or fall. Does anyone know if or when it will be released? Any idea what called?
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  2. I dont know but I think I like it. I would prefer a solid black strap instead of the chain, however. Any idea on the size?
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  3. What I usually do to gauge the size of a new piece whose dimensions are unknown is count the number of LV symbols and other monogram symbols on the new bag and compare it to the pieces I already own, since the Monogram symbols are always the same size (with few exceptions).
  4. I thought there was a bag called the Marlene being released next week. Designed like the cluny?
  5. Good one!!
  6. Oh wow I really want this bag!
  7. BABF7E29-FA6E-4622-BE56-5A890580645E.jpeg My SA said August release, I have no other info other than the pic sent to me
  8. Awesome! Thanks!
  9. My SA has reserved the bag for me. The price is $2450
  10. Sorry I made a typo in the price. Its $2420
  11. This reminds me of the Lymington, only it has chain straps and not double-zippered(???). Would love to see more info on this bag :heart:
  12. Is there no offer in empreinte? Very cute bag! :P
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  13. Very reminiscent of the soho shoulder bag to me. I like it!
  14. I heard its suppose to be released June 26th. I sent a message to my SA to confirm that,
  15. Did you ever find out will bag be available on June 26, 2018. Do anyone has better pics of handbag.