Has it ever occured to you...?

  1. So, I was looking at the XL Soho on Coach.com thinking "Man, i wish I had that bag, but I could never afford it," and also dreaming about a Dior Gaucho in red, thinking something similar. Then it occurred to me: With all the purchases I've made since joining this forum, I've spent enough money to total the XL with a wallet or something, or about 3/4 of a Gaucho.
    So, it basically just occurred to me that by "settling" for cheaper bags, I'm actually spending more money, and not getting the bags I really want.

    Does anyone else suffer from this instant gratification thing? Realizing this has made me want to up and sell my whole collection so that I can buy the bag I actually want, guilt-free: Currently the turquoise Ergo tote, or maybe a cotton Carly... But then i'd be sans Coach bags while waiting for everything to sell, and that makes me too sad to do it.
  2. hmm... I don't know if I "settle" because to me I would rather have x amount of bags than 1 real expensive bag... but that is me... I don't keep a bunch of bags around, so I could never say I had enough money in them to buy the certain one or something.. I also have problems buying wallets because I always think I could have another purse for that price!! I do think that you should get what you want if it makes you happy and you can pay for it!! :tup:
  3. This is totally me! I'm dying for a wallet to match my Ali but I keep talking myself out of buying it because I'd rather put that $$ toward a new bag. It certainly didn't take me long to figure out that I don't buy bags that I don't REALLY want unless they are a real steal on eBay (or outlet though I haven't actually been to one yet) because I'd rather just have a few bags that I :drool::heart:. It's funny because I'm browsing eBay and I was actually just thinking about this as I see some good deals, but not great deals, ya know?
  4. I've always wanted the large sig wallet but never bought it b/c I knew I could get another purse for that price! I finally sucked it up and bought it with my pce. I love it!
  5. I know, I want a matching wallet really bad too!! The problem is if I am going to spend that kind of $$ I want it to match more than once purse, KWIM?? lol I am going to buy a coach wallet sometime soon though, I am!! lol
  6. Yes... I realized this a while ago and started buying Balenciaga bags... :shame: I still love Coach... I just don't need it in as massive quantities...
  7. I don't know anything about baleciaga but I know that there is something about coach, they always have new styles and colors and yummy things coming out, even a person like me that only keeps 1 or 2 bags.. I am ALWAYS looking for the next best thing.. they know what they are doing to make money, that's for sure!! :nuts:
  8. LOL... I can sum up Bbags in one word = addiction. :roflmfao:

    I highly suggest not wandering into that area... it gets expensive. :p Anyhow, I've gotten spoiled by wanting only bags that have a pocket on the front and are a hand-held/shoulder combo... but some of the new Fall styles from Coach have really peaked my interest, so we'll see.
  9. I wouldn't call it "settling" because I love each and every one of my Coach bags and accessories. So far this year I've spent $3000+ (it hurt to add it all up) on Coach....I would rather have 10 bags, 5 shoes, 5 wallets, 3 sunglasses, etc. for the $3K than two $1500 bags and nothing else.
  10. My Mom is an impulse shopper I am not. I plan what I want and how it fits into my already rather large collection. Sure I can lust with the best of them. If you love it, it's not settling.
  11. I keep thinking about the LV I've had my eye one but can't justify the price, even though I've spent more than that on all of my Coach bags combined. But I like having so many choices instead of just one VERY expensive bag.
    The thing that gets me most is when I add up all of my charm/keychain purchases, I realize I could get another Ali:wtf:
  12. Yeah... that hit me hard the other day when I returned a coach umbrella on a good deal and exchanged it for an owl keyfob.. I OWED them .01 I just had a moment of :wtf:
  13. If it would hurt to sell them don't do it! Just start saving up for that dream bag and you'll have a well rounded collection.
  14. I am not an impulse shopper (most of the time). I usually save for 6 or more months, go on one big spree getting bags that I :heart:and try for different looks so I have a well rounded collection and then go for accessories that are interchangeable (wallets, charms, scarfs etc).
  15. I guess for me it's "settling" because I don't change bags often - I'm just too lazy for that. So I have four bags now, one of which i use. Don't get me wrong, i love that bag, but I feel like I would have loved my expensive bag MORE. Oh well.