Has Damier Azur been faked yet?

  1. I see a lot on eBay and I was thinking of getting a Speedy 30 but I want to make sure they haven't been faked yet? I'm too lazy to check the LV stores around me, and they probably won't have any in stock anyway. :sad:
  2. Damier Azur has indeed been faked. :yucky:
  3. Noooo... I better post them in the Authenticate This! section so you can authenticate them for me! :biggrin:
  4. Yes I've seen a couple of azur speedys! And a Manhattan mini PM in Azur! LOL!!!
  5. oh no... :crybaby:

  6. yes, indeed.........

    i'm based in manila, philippines. i was in greenhills last week and i saw a LOT of fakes:throwup: :sick: they even have the azur in papillon, even saw lots of fake mini lin.....:yucky:
  7. Geez, already!? :wtf:
  8. ^^^ It's been around for a while, sadly !
  9. There are fakes on eBay already.
  10. yeah, i recall seeing fakes on eBay and ioffer as soon as they were released. counterfeiters are very quick, even with the new releases
  11. they are so fast... :sad:
  12. They have been faked!:sad: They even made fake Papillons in Azur! ew!
  13. yes it has! i've seen a bunch of fakes in hong kong. :sad: i don't trust ebay at all. a lot of the stuff posted there is fake! even the clothes!!!!!
  14. I can't believe Damier Azur has been faked already. Argh, I hate fakes! :yucky:
  15. it sure has been faked!