Has anyone tried YSL products??

  1. just wondering whether anyone has tried YSL products..if so, how was the product? is it good??
    :confused1: thanks!!
    currently wanting to transform my skin into baby soft skin:graucho:
  2. i loooove ysl makeup because they smell so good and are top notch quality. the skincare though, really depends on your skin type. most of ysl product are geared towards more mature skin... when i used its facewash and moisturizer it made me broke out, i guess either due to the fragrance or how rich it was. i'd say get a sample first...
  3. Never tried. I love the way they look but they just seem too pricey.
  4. I use their mascara and say it is probably the best mascara i've ever used. I am mostly a MAC user but for mascara they can't be beat.
  5. I love YSL cosmetic products! Love their blush and mascara. Also, the packaging is lovely which is an added bonus.
  6. i love the gold glosses. but for skincare it has a ton of fragrance which bothers me
  7. I absolutely love their Touche Eclat radiant touch concealer-like pen, the semi-loose powder (a compact your turn/grind to make it loose) and the mascara is the best.

    I also use the Instant Pur gommage, natural action exfoliator that is very gentle because it is granule-free, so it's not abrasive, yet works really well on my skin. You should ask for a small sample of this exfoliator stuff to try it first.

    Oh, and the packaging is the best. It's so classy!
  8. Never tried their skincare stuff, but their mascara is superb! :biggrin:
  9. I heard good things about their lipsticks.
  10. thanks everyone for your feedback!!
    I saw YSL cosmetics/skin care in holts and was instantly attracted to its packaging..so elegant!! but I think I'm going to set it aside for now and use it when I'm a lil older :smile:
  11. I think YSL skin care products are a waste of money because they make me break out, but I love their lipsticks and lipglosses. I also like the blush.
  12. Touch Eclat is must-have!! I'm never without it! Instantly brightens up your eyes!

    Other than that I have only tried YSL mascara, and loved it, looks great in the gold packaging as well!
  13. all i can say is ... DITTO!!! im the same excat way, the pigments of mac pop on my skin...but YSL mascara is to dieeee for!! seriously my eyelashes look amazing!
  14. I've used the mascara for shows and it's the only mascara working on my lashes. It's amazing.

    Also A MUST HAVE in any make-up collection is the YSL touche eclat!!!!!!!! Get one and paly around with it, it's truly amazing. It can make you look up and going even after the busiest night. ;)
  15. I use their Perfect Touch Foundation, it's the only one that gives me a natural glow without looking like I have foundation on and it's doesn't make me look like an oil slick an hour later. Georgio Armani's Luminous Foundation is good too, but I prefer YSL better. I also echo what the other ladies are saying, the Touche Eclat Radiant Touch instant highlighter is awesome!! However the YSL Beaute Everlong mascara was too clumpy for me and it tends to smear.