Has anyone tried these purse lights?

  1. That's a great idea. Some purses have them....Rosetti...or something like that, has them.
  2. No, but I have been looking for something like this! I have a couple of bags that are like caves. I just ordered a couple and will let you know.
  3. They look really cool, I just got rid of my big bag on eBay because it was so hard to find anything, but if I get another I definitely want to try some. Right now I'm just using a clutch/wallet thing.
  4. Oh, BTW, I did a search on these and they are made by PursePal, but not the same PursePal that makes the hooks. They come three for $20 in a package, so I think Kitson is separating the packages and making extra $$.

    But, they were sold out everywhere else I looked and I got the impression they might not be easy to find. I bought several from Kitson to create a little stash. Oh, use Kitsoncod for pennies off (not many pennies, but whatever works).
  5. This is a great idea! I should have thought about it when I complain about finding stuff in my bags, then I could be rich, haha.

    Rondafaye, please let us know how you like it in your purse when you receive them. I may get one for myself too.
  6. great for people who go out at night (not me!)
  7. My Morgan Oakley Ditch and my Botkier Black Rose (Cherry) are like pits, day or night. I can't wait to test this out.
  8. That could come in quite handy, I have a lip gloss that has a light on it and I admit I have used it to rummage and times, or the light from my cellphone.
  9. My mom has something similar and she says it's actually a big pain in the butt and never uses it.:sad: