has anyone tried shopping from fsession.com?

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  1. hello hello. :smile:

    i just recently discovered this site. i'm planning to order some things, seeing as they are offering free global shipping and what not. however, the prices they have on the site are quite cheap. some almost too good to be true? so i'm wondering if anyone has had experience purchasing from them?

    thanks and have a lovely weekend ahead. :cool:
  2. Never heard of this site, but liked few items they sell, so, probably, will give them a try as well.
  3. Oh yes. I have ordered items in Fsession and I was really pleased. Before, I had ordered other shop but no shop made me felt satisfied. Then my few friends told me try with www.fsession.com And I really pleased. The fashions at Fsession are very beautiful with great style. Cheap price, the quality is very good. And the attitude service of Fsession is very very great. I get the products on time or earlier than the time I ordered.
    I wish before I knew Fsession earlier to had good choice for me. I think you also should try with Fsession like me.