Has anyone tried "mark." by Avon

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  1. I got jewel perfume from them! Ilove it!!!
    Just wondering if anyone has used anything from them and if you like it?
    I'm temped to buy lots more but wondering what people think of it, quality etc.

    Lauren Conrad uses it
  2. I might feel some wrath for saying this, but I have a hard time believing Lauren Conrad actually uses Mark, rather than just endorses it.

    I don't like anything Avon, I just think the quality is poor, from what I've tried.. (although I'm sure there's nothing wrong with the perfume)
  3. I really REALLY liked the Avon line back in the mid/late 90s? but havn't been happy with it since then.
  4. I love the Mark lipglosses
  5. Really thats what I am most interested in!!! Love lip gloss, wear it more then lip stick
  6. I have to second the lipglosses, they're all pretty good. Everything else is ok, nothing special really.
  7. I have never really cared for Mark, but I really like the regular line's Glazewear lipgloss...it's like a liquid lipstick.
  8. I personally love Mark. I swear by their blushes.. my favorites are Cameo Glow and this pink mosaic shimmer bar. The black liquid eyeliner is fantastic (and cheap) and I really like the blush/bronzer brush. Did not love the silver liquid eyeliner.. it was a bit too 'much' for me, a little garish. Have not tried their mascara or foundation--I have other brands I love enough to stick with them. I've tried a few shadows that I liked from Mark, but I normally use a Revlon set of four neutrals.
    About Lauren Conrad, I'd believe she uses the liquid eyeliner, because I'm able to recreate her eye look with it. Not sure about other stuff though.
  9. I use a lot of mark. stuff- I ended up becoming a rep in the long run haha. I love the black liquid eyeliner, the shimmery eyeshadows, and all the glosses I've tried. I don't like to spend a lot of money on makeup, which is why the line is appealing to me. If you've tried E.L.F. I definitely like the mark. things better!
  10. No but I would like to try some products. I'm skeptical about the products though. I would do some more researching before buying some of the products, but the beauty bloggers that I follow haven't talked about mark much.
  11. I don't think there is any reason to be leary of the Mark line. Avon has been around forever. I have many of their products and like them just as well as other comparable lines.
  12. LC uses it because she's paid to use it. I guarantee you she wouldn't use it otherwise.

    I'm very familiar with the Mark line (I used to sell it when it first launched, and the line-up hasn't changed too much since) and it's really a case of "You get what you pay for." Some of the products are decent, but others are downright shoddy. They're all very cheaply made (as are most Avon products to be honest). That's not to say it's terrible-- there are some products where the quality of the ingredients doesn't matter that much. It's just not "good" makeup IMO. Mark is like drugstore quality at best... I'd say it's comparable to Rimmel, ELF or Cover Girl.
  13. Are there any must haves? more affordable brands often have products that outshine dept store.
  14. I can't think of anything that really outshines dept. store products... Although I will say, Mark Gloss Blossom is pretty much the same product as Smashbox O-Gloss (right down to the packaging) and actually came out first!
  15. I feel like the "Hook Up" line is pretty gimmicky... I understand the appeal and the idea behind it, but I wish they'd just package the glosses in bigger regular tubes, because the glosses aren't bad. The eye shadows and blushes are ok too.