has anyone successfully stayed on a chanel ban?

  1. so i posted not too long ago saying that i think i've collected enough over the year and need to be on a ban. well, so much for that, since that thread, i've purchased a j12, a chanel wool dress, 2 pairs of shoes, a scarf and a few lv pieces. i'm also really lusting over the classic cc crystal pendant. seriously, what's it going to take for me to stay on my ban? can anyone share their successful 'chanel ban' stories?
  2. I wish I could stay on a ban also, but I can't. I seriously need some :sos:
  3. i need help staying off the internet period.. i should really be studying but i am on TPF MP, eBay, and then Zappos, Shopbop, someone needs to stop me.

    oh and the ban.. i've never put one officially on myself, but i know it just wont work if i saw something i wanted.
  4. Honestly, being away from tPF helps IMHO. I get too many ideas here vs. just browing lookbooks and the like.
  5. Not so far. It does not help when my husband keeps enabling me. Hehe.
  6. I wish!!!, but is not only Chanel bags, I go crazy on Cartier jewelry, and at Saks & NM shoe salon too!!! unbelieveable! :graucho:;)
  7. Haha, no! If I really tried to stay on a ban it would mean no going to the mall, no ebay, and definitely no purse forum!!!! That said, I don't think I'll ever be able to stay on a ban as long as intended!
  8. Thanks for starting this thread!!!! Exactly what I was thinking.......
    I put myself on a bag ban about 2 weeks ago and now am considering breaking it :shame:......I think you really have to lock up the computer!
  9. I haven't purchased Chanel in a long, I didn't really put myself on a ban, I just didn't have a great urge to buy anything for the prices they offer these days. Maybe it's like dieting, if it's off limits, you'll want it more.
  10. OHHHHH..the only way i could stay on a ban if i was locked up in a federal penetentiary :p and forced to keep away from malls, fashion mags, and the computer.....
  11. What is it about Chanel that is so addicting. I simply cant get enough. As soon as I purchase one bag I'm looking for the next. All the handbags are so beautiful and distinct. Unfortunatly it's just not possible to purchase all that I want....How does one stop?
  12. I'd have to stay away from purseforum to succeed at a ban. There are just too many temptations here! Pictures, sales sightings, bag lust...

    Luckily, I'm not yet at that point...
  13. It's good to have at least a notional ban because you remember your ban and you tend to be a little bit more careful about what you buy.

    I bought so many Chanel stuff in November and December 2007 (I will post a group shot when everything is here with me - to me, it's just insane) that if I did not impose this ban upon myself, I would have lost my house and my car!!

    Sadly, I am already eyeing another bag and a chain belt...:push:
  14. I think of it more as being selective - I really can't afford more than one chanel bag a year, and since I bought my very first one in December, a classic black flap, I will only be buying one more this year. I rotate my purses well, having collected mostly Coach's and two LV's over the year. I love the trendy bags as well as the classics, but tend to keep/wear things for years, so I stick to the classics.
  15. I'm on one now -- no problems.