has anyone spotted a berry matinee anywhere?

  1. thanks!
  2. Hi! I am not sure that the Matinee ever came in berry; at least I have never seen one. Someone else may know better though.

    ETA: Nevermind, apparently it did, and it is gorgeous!
    rm berry.jpg
  3. I know funkylala has the eggplant. I'm not sure if anyone knows a code for them ???
  4. I was considering the eggplant, but I hear the berry is softer...Im not sure if they made the matinee in berry but I thought I saw a pic on here of one (but could be wrong)
  5. Yeah- actually it does and I've been watching her like a hawk for the past week at Must Ten. I went there today and she's gone. If you are really interested you should call them and see if they have any left that are just not showing up.

  6. nope, sold out :sad:
    I just want a wine bag and a berry (or maybe eggplant) bag...is that too much to ask lol
    I think my husband must be calling people and telling them to buy things so I dont! :roflmfao:
  7. ^OT: On your wishlist you have listed a RM MAM in Wine. Funkylala has only ONE left so you might wanna grab it before its gone!
  8. I know where one is ;)
  9. Museten is very good at updating their site, so I'm certain this one's GONE.

    But I notice they have a MAM in black with silver hardware!!!

    Their customer service is out of this world!
  10. Is this one on eBay authentic ?
  11. ^ It's gone!
  12. AARRGHHH!!!! I was dealing with my 13 yr old and missed this! I should be doubly pitied! lol
  13. Ok.....fess-up time!

    Who bought it????
  14. :sad:
    anyone know of any other matinees in berry...or maybe a morning after mini in berry? thanks