Has anyone seen this?

  1. In the last few months I've been drifting away from LV and today I saw a bag that MAY just bring me back...at least for a bit...

    Featured in March Town & Country

    The bag was sort of a creamy beige and the pulls on the side looked like these octagon cubes. It looked like a leather hobo with a heavy braid style handle (very similar to the Chanel Lady Braid) and the monogram stitched in monochrome thread in a darker beige...

    Anyone know the name?
    It retails for $2400.
  2. Do U have a pic. Other wise i'm in the dark???
  3. The magazine was at the gym.
    I'm so annoyed I didn't rip out the picture, but I felt bad...being that it wasn't my property LOL
  4. It's one of the new spring cloud bags I'm sure if it's in the magazines, surely. They are named after clouds like Cirrus and stratus and some others. Check this post about new releases:
    Want to know more info about the Spring Summer 2007 LV Collections??
    Then check out

    The original release date was supposed to be April 1st. Not sure if that has changed?

    Is it one of these quilted bags?

  5. Is it thiss?

  6. YES!!!
    That's it!
    I found these as well
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  7. That's awesome for the price! I thought they'd be much, much more. Cool cool!
  8. I'm glad someone found it! It's a gorgeous style... :love:
  9. I played with all of them today, they are LOVELY! my store had the s/s show preview so thats how i got to see them lol
  10. the bag is sooooo gorgeous :love:
  11. These bags feel so amazing, I caved & put my name down for a nimbus. I really didn't think I would get any spring bags because I wasn't feeling the lines at all, but after touching the lambskin I caved. I probably got on the list too late, but my SA winked & said "never say never" so maybe...
  12. These are gorgeous, they're the only S/S bags I actually liked. And they're really soft and squishy in person.
  13. very feminine bag, but I wouldn't recognize it as an LV bag if I spotted it, not that that's a good or bad thing per say, just an observation.
  14. I can't wait for this bag to come out!
  15. I like the Cabas GM.... *drool*