Has anyone seen these Nine West shoes?

  1. Hey all.... I am desperately looking for these Nine West shoes, only in a beautiful blue color.
    I saw them in Lucky magazine, so I know they exist. But on the website, they have no blue. Went to the nearest Nine West, only black. Zappos, black, pink, and fuschia. :tdown:
    If you have seen them in the blue, could you let me know where you saw them? I love these and really want them for the fall!
  2. Can't you have the Nine West store find them at another location and then just do a charge send???
  3. I know Nine West does different colors for dept stores. Check your local Macy's or Nordie's.

    Good luck!
  4. Def. check Macy's. Bloomies usually goes for black NW shoes but Macy's tends to buy colors.
  5. Thanks, I will definitely check Macy's. There are no actual Nine West stores near me- just an outlet. Should have clarified that. But there is a Macy's.
  6. You might want to try Lord & Taylor as well.