Has anyone seen the Paddington in Elephant?

  1. I saw a medium paddington today in elephant - has anyone seen this color? It's a tan with green tinge shade. I can't describe it but it was pretty.
  2. I saw it a few months back at the chloe boutique in south coast plaza and I really did not care for it too much. Don't get me wrong it was still nice but just not a color I would go for.

    It's appears much different than the elephant that will be available on the elvire, which looks to be more grey. Has anyone seen the elepant elvire irl?
  3. Hi Starbuxxx! I saw the Elephant Paddy IRL and liked it so much I bought it hehe! :graucho:

    It is a lovely colour like an olive brown I guess. I'll post pics when the daylight arrives again :yes:
  4. Please do because I am most interested!!

    And where did you locate this delight (... in case my 'interest' suddenly tips over into action)?
  5. Congrats on a great paddie! I had never seen that shade and it is hard to describe. The SA told me that Chloe is coming out with a kelly green paddie - I can't imagine that one!
  6. Here you go -my Front Pocket Paddy in Elephant :welcome:




    The pics are taken in varying degrees of daylight - the second shows the colour best I think :yes:
  7. oh how pretty! is it like a darker version of taupe? didn't you just buy a lovely nuage paddy recently balchlfen?? what a great addition! :smile:
  8. Thanks - I have the same bag in the colour Roche. It looks rather similar to your bag. Is Elephant paler than Roche?
  9. :yes: I did! I am well and truly addicted! :sos:
  10. Elephant is paler than Roche and whereas Roche is like a grey/brown, Elephant is an olive/brown :yes:
  11. that's beautiful colour, reminds me a lot of taupe but looks like it has more olivey undertone in it..? Very pretty, chloe makes the most gorgeous neutral colours imo! thanks for sharing Balchlfen and congrats! :tup:
  12. Aha - thanks for that gracious advice! That bag is very nice.
  13. nice like a greyish tan!!!
  14. Very nice!! I'm a bit confused thoughs since I was told by a SA at the Chloe boutique in South Coast Plaza that the front pocket was no longer being made after last season. Guess she must have been wrong.

    Congrats on a beautiful bag.
  15. Oooooo lovely.