Has anyone seen the mini classic flap?

  1. Is it 7 by 5.5 by 2.5 inches, a square shape and does it cost $1395? Or is this some other flap?
  2. u mean this?


    It cost me ard £600+ so i think that should be ard USD$1300 :yes:
  3. Thanks so much for the pic. It looks so cute on you!
  4. You're most welcome sweet :yes: thanks for the compliment!! :tender:
  5. happie berrie
    You look adorable - LOVE the color!
  6. It's cute!!!!
    love the color!!
  7. Thank you lisa and pink! :flowers::flowers:
  8. Ahhhh, you look so cute together!!
  9. ita! love it!:heart: any chance you could post what fits inside in the what's in your bag thread? :yes:
  10. Ohhh! I have that too! In Black!
  11. I have not brought the bag out before but this is what it can fit.. :yes:


    A packet of tissue, phone, carkeys, CC card holder and coin purse :heart: The combination does look odd with my CB items and the chanel bag imo. :shame:
  12. ^^thank you so much!:yes:
  13. happie_berrie - you and your wee bag are so tiny and cute together ;)
  14. You're most welcome Mick!! ;)

  15. hehe thanks for the compliment butterfliie! :heart: