Has Anyone Seen The Hudson Out In Stores Yet?

  1. :huh: [​IMG]
  2. No, but I haven't been recently. I should check when I go tomorrow. I did see it on Nordies website though.
  3. Nope, haven't seen it yet.
  4. Somebody please go lay eyes on this baby. I think it may be my answer to mixing the Muse and an MJ bag. LOL.
  5. LOL. You like it too? Good catch, I never thought about the Muse similarity until now. =)

    I was looking at the smaller version of Hudson (called Zip Bowler I think) online as well, I'm not sure about the 2 side straps.
  6. ok- I called MJ store..LOL.they do have it in stock in black,chestnut and choc brown..of course,the color I want is the ONLY one NOT in..I may settle for chocolate though..it looks pretty on their website too...hmmmm....
  7. The bag looks absolutely stunning.... What color did you want Jill?
  8. I haven't seen it yet.
  9. Jill does NOT dig the Muse and fails to see the similarity, so shhhhh! don't tell her that they look kinda similar. :roflmfao:
  10. What color did you want? Let me guess.....taupe???
  11. Please buy the chocolate. That's the one I want. That way in two months when you're tired of it, I may be able to pry it out of your closet. Hee Hee.
  12. LOL. =) Jill, can you unload more MJ & Prada stuffs for us? Please... =)
    I'm desperately searching for Blake in Rose Quartz (have to have it after seeing Sofibella's pictures)...

    I am guessing that Jill's interested in Chili Hudson right? I'm confused by the various colors (can't tell them apart most of the time), Chocolate Brown Hudson looks sooo nice in the MJ booklet I saw at NM.
  13. YEP- I wanted the chili color..LOL...I may settle for the chocolate..The black is too boring..and uh..NO COACHWIFE..IT DOES NOT look like a YSL bag...LMAO...YOu are obsessed...
  14. LOL. The mini pushlock at the top center part of the bag reminds me of the mini hardware at the same spot of YSL bag. And the shape too... Maybe Coachwife & I are into Muse so we spotted these. =) I'm supposed to stay shhhhh on these details so I'm off this for now. LOL.

    Jill, Chocolate does look nicer than Black to me in several bags (these days at least). I think I'm converted to Chocolate bags lately as well.
  15. what is the chili color? Is it a reddish-brown? That may be the answer to my red-bag search!

    Please, someone go pick this up and take a photo so I can see what it looks like. I am going to do a celebrity search.