Has anyone seen the diamond stitch in dark white?

  1. If you have one, please post pix, I would love to see! Also, if you see one when you are out and about in the box style, let me know!:heart:
  2. Macp6...I expect an arrival of the larger box tote tomorrow or Monday...in black... You may need brown or black if you decide on white for the ark! Are you looking for the tote style? The smaller box or the larger?
  3. Once again, try Nordstrom. They received only one white in the large box style for $1750. This is part of the pre-fall collection so they might have it in the store!

    They also received one in light bordeaux, two in dark brown, and four in black!! Denise Junell, the manager, sent me the adobe files with the orders and counts.

    Can anyone tell me if the leather on the diamond stitch is nicer than the leather on the vintage ligne? I know I want a dark brown Chanel but cannot decide between these two collections. (Paging Japs, LOL!)
  4. Hi Roey...I spoke to one of the Nordstrom SAs yesterday...they had one large black diamond stitch in stock, but no brown (unless they were holding one for you, haha)... Chanel 800 indicated the brown (large diamond stitch tote, that is) is sold out, but black is on order. NM Newport Beach had the smaller brown diamond stitch tote in stock on Monday or so...the smaller tote was a bit awkward for me to shoulder (it is a wide tote...I seem to recall 6+" wide)... I seem to recall the Nordstrom SA saying the shoulder drop of the large is approximately 8".
  5. I had the diamond stitch flap bag in dark white, but I returned it. Not because of the color, though. The color is gorgeous. I just didn't like the style on me.
  6. Hmm, thanks SoCal. After receiving my metallic luxe flap I'm beginning to really like the function over form part of carrying a bag! It is so easy to carry. Comfort is going to play a big role in the dark brown Chanel. I have gone from 0 to 3 black bags in the past two months and am down to only 1 brown (from 5). It looks like the vintage ligne tote might be the winner!
  7. I prefer the leather on the diamond stitch to the vintage ligne for a brown bag. I am expecting my brown large diamond stitch tote ANY day now... so I will post pictures. It was not easy to find... Chanel is sold out...... Saks on the other hand wasn't and my SA in the BOca Saks (Melissa) was able to hunt one down last week for me. I was on presale for the ECG so I assume it shipped out yesterday or maybe it will today!!

    I think that leather in the sark white is gorgeous.... but it will pick up too much dirt... not the type of leather for a white bag (IMO)
  8. I purchased the diamond stitch in black and have never used it. Everyone in the store told me the brown looked better on me with my complexion and hair color. I was going to get the brown but decided for black since I don't have a black tote style bag.

    Once you post your pics I might have to exchange. I can't wait to see.:P
  9. I should receive my diamond stitch tote today...my concern also is about "fit"...I love the bag, but will need to examine the width... The smaller box tote had that "bread under the arm" feeling on me...will see about the large... I will need to be careful this time as I think I will be selling my grande shopper...love, love, love the bag but it doesn't quite work for work...
  10. Hi Socal!! I am interested in the box in small and large...I really love that shape. My SA said that the small comes in brown, black and white and the large only in black and brown. I was thinking small in white (if I can find one) and black in the large! Send pix when you get them!!
  11. Thanks Roey!! What Nordstroms? My SA at Chanel said the large box didn't come in white!
  12. so the cloudy linge would be better for the dark white you think?? I have to rethink my whole plan now!
  13. I CANNOT wait to see some photos!!!
  14. Socal - i tried on the large diamond stitch bag and it was very comfortable on the shoulder.
  15. Nordstrom in Downtown Seattle. It's the only Nordstrom store that has a Chanel boutique.